A Day in the Life of a ClickHouse Query

LIVE: Wednesday Feb 9 | 10 am PT
SPEAKERS: Robert Hodges, CEO, Altinity

Why do queries run out of memory? How can I make my queries even faster? How should I size ClickHouse nodes for best cost-efficiency? The key to these questions and many others is knowing what happens inside ClickHouse when a query runs. This webinar is a gentle introduction to ClickHouse internals, focusing on topics that will help your applications run faster and more efficiently. We’ll discuss the basic flow of query execution, dig into how ClickHouse handles aggregation and joins, and show you how ClickHouse distributes processing within a single CPU as well as across many nodes in the network. After attending this webinar you’ll understand how to open up the black box and see what the parts are doing. We’ll of course have time for Q&A!

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