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Customer story

Self hosting vs managed ClickHouse: Which one to choose?

Learn how Altinity helps Castle leverage the power of ClickHouse and the Castle team decided to use Altinity.Cloud

Altinity is world-class at managing ClickHouse and solving problems. We decided that the additional markup is well worth it for the experience you [Altinity] provide. Altinity’s support has always been amazingly fast at troubleshooting issues and recommending solutions.

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Customer story – Altinity.Cloud

How Altinity allows Positional to focus on their product, not on managing ClickHouse

Customer story – Altinity.Cloud

How Altinity simplified ClickHouse operation to enable a timely product launch

Customer story – Altinity Support

How Altinity helped Santiment build a more stable & performant system

Customer story – Free Consultation

How Altinity helped MPLens boost query performance by 5X

Customer story – Feature Engineering

How Altinity worked with Cisco Umbrella to deploy FIPS-compatible analytics

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