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Get your cluster under control, optimize schema & query design, and speed up queries 10X

We provide 24/7 expert support for ClickHouse, extending from day-to-day problem solving to emergency situations. Ideal for developers who want to partner with a team of ClickHouse experts who share your dedication to deliver high quality real-time analytics to your users.

We offer various support packages. 
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ClickHouse has become an integral part of our tech stack, and Altinity is the only company that was able to provide us with the expertise and support we needed to get the most out of it. Altinity has already helped us maximize the performance and scale of VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud.

Ashwin Baskaran, Sr. Director, Engineering, VMware

What do you get with Altinity Support?

‘Rainy day’ insurance

Count on the world’s best experts to help you fix any issues with your production system, and prevent them from happening in the first place. 

Altinity Stable Builds

Rely on production-certified ClickHouse binaries based on ClickHouse Long Term Support (LTS) releases. Reliability is our priority, which is why we provide 36 months of support for our builds.

Kubernetes Operator

Receive support for the Altinity Kubernetes Operator.

Proactive support

Receive unlimited consulting on ClickHouse and its ecosystem. We help you with every aspect of your ClickHouse projects (cluster design, schema design, query optimization, etc). We offer multiple options to open cases to ensure you receive the best support for ClickHouse.

The support you need. When you need it.

Service Level Agreements

We provide SLAs for user systems from 8X5 to 24X7, with guaranteed response times based on severity.

Reporting and Inquiries

We support multiple options to open cases.


Altinity offers expert advice and knowledge for installing and operating ClickHouse efficiently and effectively.


We provide expertise on schema and query optimization, and help reduce your response times by over 50%.

Bug Fixes

We offer fixes for bugs that cause crashes, corrupt data, deliver incorrect results, and more. We also offer support for the Altinity operator.


We offer support and guidance to ensure ClickHouse security for your applications.

Roadmap and Upgrade

We track current releases & monitor development roadmaps to help you apply these releases and features.

System Audits

We audit clusters to apply best practice configuration and monitoring.

Feature Engineering

Our engineers specialize in innovative feature work required for enterprise operation.

Add expertise to your team instantly

Recruiting highly skilled ClickHouse engineers is hard. Our engineers are part of your team, so stop spending time solving issues | just ask us.

Find root cause, not just a quick fix

Our engineers go beyond finding a quick fix. They get to the root cause so you can rest assured you won’t encounter the same problem again.

Get support anywhere

No matter where you deploy ClickHouse, we will be there to support you (your VPC, bare metal, on prem).

With [other] enterprise support plans, it was never valuable. Every time we had an issue, I would try their support and still end up figuring it out myself. But that’s truly not the case with Altinity. When you’re paying support, you’re going to get someone who really knows what they’re talking about and is an expert.

Matt Lenhard, CEO at Positional

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