ALTINITY STABLE Builds for ClickHouse

Run ClickHouse Applications
Confidently in Production

ClickHouse is evolving quickly. When should you upgrade to a new build? What’s in it? How long will it be supported? Altinity has been recommending prod-ready ClickHouse stable release versions for years. Now we build them, too! Altinity Stable builds are safe for production and fully open source. Best of all, we support them for up to three years.

 Why You Will Love Altinity Stable Builds

Quick, Long Term Enterprise Support

Altinity provides extended support including rapid fixes for P1-P0 bugs and critical security issues. Stable build versions are supported for up to 3 years, far beyond the end-of-life for commmunity builds.* Deploy with confidence–Altinity has your back.

* SLAs for bug fixes depend on your level of enterprise support

100% Production Ready

We perform extensive tests to verify client libraries, visualization tools, Kafka, and clickhouse-backup. We run on real clusters to flush out problems at scale and to guarantee a smooth upgrade path from earlier releases. We document everything you need to deploy in Altinity Stable Build release notes covering major features to application impacts to upgrade steps.

100% ClickHouse Compatible

Altinity Stable builds fork from long-term support (LTS) branches in the community repo. We maintain full compatibility with community ClickHouse including bug fixes, while adding additional fixes needed by our enterprise customers to operate successfully. Switch between Altinity Stable builds and community ClickHouse any time you want.

100% Open Source

You don’t have to be a customer to benefit from Altinity Stable builds. There are no enterprise “holdbacks” and no licensing gotchas. We release code under the standard Apache 2.0 license used by ClickHouse. You can see the code on our GitHub repo, or even build it yourself.


We document installation procedures for stable builds using RPM and Debian packages. Each Altinity Stable build for ClickHouse includes an overview of the release, a description of changes, and upgrade notes. Consult our Altinity Stable release notes to find out what’s in the build before you upgrade.

Finally, our popular stable releases are still available! You can still use our release notes to select the right community build and we still keep the builds available in a separate repo. Check out the docs for more information.