ALTINITY STABLE Builds for ClickHouse

Run Business-Critical ClickHouse Applications Confidently with Altinity Stable Builds

Join hundreds of organizations who enjoy the peace of mind from running Altinity Stable Builds.

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“We have nodes that are running on Altinity Stable Release 21.8. Some processes have been up for 800 days. They have processed many, many petabytes of data in that time.”

Altinity Financial Services Customer

What are Altinity Stable Builds?

Altinity Stable Builds are production-certified ClickHouse binaries based ClickHouse Long Term Support (LTS) releases. Altinity offers Enterprise support for Stable Builds as part of all Altinity.Cloud and Altinity Enterprise support subscriptions.

 Why You Will Love Altinity Stable Builds

Ready for Production Use

Worried about bugs in new ClickHouse builds? Altinity Stable Builds are extensively tested and vetted with real workloads. Deploy once, with confidence.

Long Term Support

Major version upgrades are expensive.  Altinity maintains Altinity Stable Build versions for up to three years. We even backport features by customer request. That’s three years of secure, convenient operation for each release.

Go the Extra Mile on Security

Altinity QA suites have extensive tests for  in-flight and at-rest data protection. Need to deploy into FedRAMP or PCI-DSS environments? FIPS-compatible Altinity Stable Builds are the answer.

100% Open Source

Leave worries about lock-in and relicensing behind. Altinity Stable Builds are Apache 2.0 licensed. No hold-backs or closed source components.


Installation docs, description of builds, and awesome release notes. The information you need to deploy Altinity Stables is at your fingertips.

Up-to-Date and Ready for Use

Altinity Stable Builds always have the latest LTS branch fixes and are completely compatible with official ClickHouse binaries. Pick from rpm, apt, tarball in our code repo or pull Docker images from Docker Hub.

“Well I have seen the light. After using official ClickHouse versions for the past year and being bitten by bugs introduced by a far-too-aggressive release schedule, I’m back with Altinity. Thanks for your hard work!

 p.s., Everything works now like it used to and Altinity’s release notes are very thorough and helpful.”
Satisfied Altinity Stable User