Fully Managed ClickHouse by the Enterprise Experts

Create Prod-Ready Clusters in AWS or GCP with Ease

Spin up clusters, connect, and start working. Vertical and horizontal scaling? The Altinity.Cloud cluster manager makes it a snap. Zookeeper? You’ll forget it’s there. High availability? Altinity.Cloud has multi-AZ operation and automatic backup. Upgrade? Altinity.Cloud does it automatically without interrupting service. Monitoring? Dashboards are built-in and ready to use.

Altinity.Cloud runs in the region your applications need, not the region that’s convenient for us. Pick any Amazon or Google Cloud region and we’ll make it work. Active regions are available for immediate deployment. We can add new regions in a couple of days, so don’t be shy.

ClickHouse Cloud Service Managed by Experts

Altinity.Cloud™ is a fully managed ClickHouse-as-a-service developed and operated by the enterprise experts at Altinity™. Just point your apps at ClickHouse, and start solving customer problems. With Altinity.Cloud:

  • Create prod-ready clusters in AWS or GCP with ease
  • Expect sensible, cost-efficient cloud pricing
  • Get out-of-the-box privacy and security
  • Never worry about vendor lock-in

Altinity Video Series

Altinity.Cloud Quick Start Guide

Altinity.Cloud Quick Start Guide
In this videos series, we will cover:
• How to create and log into an Altinity.Cloud account
• How to create your first ClickHouse cluster in Altinity.Cloud
• Your quick guide to using the Altinity.Cloud cluster explore feature
• How you can use the access point feature
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