The Most Productive Platform for Real-Time Data on ClickHouse

  • Expert guidance from project inception to deployment
  • Fastest time to market for your apps
  • Freedom to run anywhere
  • Battle-tested performance and reliability
  • Predictable, easy-to-control costs


Create Prod-Ready Clusters in AWS or GCP with ease

Point your apps at ClickHouse

And start solving customer problems

Build real-time analytics and deploy them fast

Leave ClickHouse automation to us and get started on analytic applications. We make your team instantly productive.

  • Deploy your first ClickHouse cluster in minutes
  • Connect applications and visualization tools
  • Integrate Kafka, Redpanda, or Pulsar event streams
  • Use built-in Altinity.Cloud tools to assess performance
  • Slack with our expert team regularly as you develop
  • Cycle rapidly through production topologies
  • Sail through compliance checks with encryption, VPC endpoints, and SOC 2 Type II certification 
  • Roll out and start generating value for your business

We are very happy with ClickHouse running in Altinity.Cloud. The Altinity team has been incredibly helpful. They handle ClickHouse operation and also advised us on everything from Kafka integration to building alerts on tenant data. Their assistance ensured we made our launch date for GraphCDN.
Max Stoiber, GraphCDN 

Enterprise-class features to deliver years of trouble-free operation

Designed and operated by the ClickHouse enterprise experts.

Altinity.Cloud incorporates lessons from helping hundreds of customers operate ClickHouse-based analytics.

Fast vertical and horizontal scaling so you can grow capacity as your site grows

Proactive monitoring and log dashboards

Rolling upgrades

Built-in availability and backups

Fast, calm, expert support with enterprise SLAs

We handle all automation

Working with Altinity has been fantastic. They handled all aspects of running ClickHouse, including working with PostHog directly to boost performance. It was way more than I was expecting.
Joe Trollo, Momentum Dash 

An Open Cloud Platform for ClickHouse

Altinity.Cloud has a Kubernetes-based architecture that delivers portability and user choice of where to operate. Designed from the beginning to run anywhere without lock-in.

  • Kubernetes data plane for maximum portability
  • 100% open source components
  • Use any ClickHouse build–Community or Altinity Stable
  • Managed via open source Altinity Kubernetes Operator for ClickHouse
  • Migrate to/from self-managed environments without licensing limitations
  • Business plans changed? You can run it yourself.

Need to run somewhere new? Talk to us.

Built with customer cost-efficiency in mind

Cost management is critical for SaaS businesses. Altinity.Cloud protects your margins and keeps costs predictable as you scale your business.

  • Fixed, no-mystery pricing based on allocated cluster resources
  • Pay for active server nodes and storage. That’s it.
  • Shut down nodes automatically with uptime schedules to save money. 
  • Develop on cheap VMs. Scale up to production capacity in minutes. 
  • Credit card or invoice-based payment
  • Discounts as usage grows
Deep ClickHouse Knowledge. Service. Fair pricing. Everything we hoped we’d get from Altinity, is exactly what we’ve gotten. Isn’t that the best endorsement anybody can give?
Pavel Genov, 

Ready to Get Started? 

Altinity.Cloud is for any developer who wants to try out ClickHouse quickly and develop new analytic applications. It takes care of ClickHouse management, allowing developers to focus on getting applications to work.

Please consider Altinity.Cloud if you tick any of these boxes:

  • Looking for complete automation of ClickHouse
  • Looking to make your analytic development as productive as possible without hiring new people
  • Looking for the fastest path to deliver high-value analytic applications
  • Want an open platform that will give you freedom to grow in any direction

Useful Altinity.Cloud Resources

Not Quite Ready Yet But Need ClickHouse Support? Let’s Talk!

We have helped hundreds of customers worldwide design and deploy creative applications running on everything from embedded software appliances to massive cloud deployments.

  • Want to tune schema and queries for sub-second response? 
  • Having a production problem with Kafka or ZooKeeper? 
  • Hitting a bug in ClickHouse? 
  • Want to scale your ClickHouse cluster beyond 1 or 2 nodes?

Altinity provides support and services to translate advanced ClickHouse technology to working, powerful analytic applications. 
From upfront education to 24/7 support, we have everything you need to be successful with ClickHouse, wherever and however you decide to run it. Contact us today and let’s talk!