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Apply the Power of ClickHouse to Analyze Your MySQL Data

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The most popular open source databases in the world meet the Open Source OLAP database management system

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Altinity are so good at what they do that we hope our competitors don’t find them.
James Rehm, COO, Skuuudle 

Apply the Power of ClickHouse to Analyze Your MySQL Data

Database Synergy

Experience easy-to-use solutions that help customers solve their data problems by combining the strength of transaction processing databases like MySQL with the outstanding analytic performance of ClickHouse!


Boost the performance of analytic queries by orders of magnitude over using MySQL alone.


Eliminate the cost, performance impact, and administrative complexity of keeping large analytic datasets in MySQL. 

Low Risk, High Impact

Roll out analytics on MySQL data without upgrading or changing production applications.

Complete Solution

Altinity and Percona together help you master every aspect of operating best-of-breed OLAP and OLTP database technologies in the most efficient and simple way.

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