Capture the full power of ClickHouse® with

Expert Support

Managed Cloud

Kubernetes Deployments

Faster queries, lower costs, and less maintenance

For developers who want to run open source ClickHouse better. 

Proven Success

Altinity has helped thousands of development teams to focus on data not ClickHouse.

100 Million Downloads

Our open-source projects including the Altinity Kubernetes Operator for ClickHouse are used in thousands of applications.

Run Anywhere

Altinity.Cloud manages ClickHouse in any cloud including yours and on-prem with no vendor lock-in.

Trusted by enterprises and startups worldwide

Managed service for ClickHouse

Run ClickHouse in our cloud account or yours and enjoy the benefits of 100% open source ClickHouse. 

Ideal for developers who want to focus on their application with support for ClickHouse included.

  • Operate in any AWS, GCP, or Azure region. 
  • Use any machine or storage type
  • Use any Altinity Stable Build or official ClickHouse version
  • Deliver millisecond results with dedicated, high-performance environments

  • Get help from the team that has helped hundreds of companies go to production with ClickHouse-based apps
  • Audit clusters to apply best practice configuration and monitoring
  • Free development teams from time-consuming ClickHouse support
  • Reduce costs by 3X with cheaper VMs and better data compression

Support for ClickHouse

Get your cluster under control, optimize schema and query design, and make your queries 10X faster.

Ideal for developers who want to get expert help on designing their ClickHouse cluster.

Build innovative ClickHouse analytics on Kubernetes

Operate ClickHouse with confidence in any Kubernetes environment.

Ideal for developers who want to leverage the full power of data on Kubernetes. 

  • Integrate GitOps with ArgoCD and Terraform
  • Add observability with Prometheus and Grafana templates
  • Fully exploit capabilities of AWS EKS, Google GKE, and Azure AKS
  • Optimize costs with scalable compute/storage separation

Why enterprises choose Altinity

100% Open-Source ClickHouse Compatibility

We support whichever way you want to run ClickHouse. No vendor lock in.

Pioneers of ClickHouse on Kubernetes

Altinity has helped thousands of companies deploy ClickHouse on Kubernetes.

Leading advocates and contributors to ClickHouse

Altinity has contributed over 1000 PRs to ClickHouse and ecosystem projects.

Learn 10 ways experts upgrade ClickHouse in production environments

Don’t be scared of ClickHouse upgrades. Follow these step-by-step instructions to make your next upgrade safe and successful.

  • Essential guidelines to follow when upgrading
  • Learn 4 ways to upgrade that require downtime
  • Learn 6 ways to upgrade that require NO downtime

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