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Fully Managed ClickHouse in Amazon Cloud

Spin up clusters, connect, and start working. Pick any Amazon region and we’ll make it happen. We can add new regions in a couple of days, so don’t be shy.


Cloud, on-prem, and Kubernetes


From laptops to petabyte clusters


Cut analytical costs by up to 90%


Get insights in milliseconds

Altinity Is Your Enterprise Guide to ClickHouse

Altinity Powers Evaluation, Deployment and Operation of ClickHouse.



Fire up ClickHouse in AWS cloud in minutes. Scale-up, upgrade, experiment with ease. You focus on innovation.  We’ll manage ClickHouse.


Altinity services help customers evaluate, design, deploy, and support innovative ClickHouse analytic applications.


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, Altinity’s ClickHouse training turns your team into ClickHouse experts.

What is ClickHouse?

Real-time SQL data warehouse you can use with any application on any platform. 100% open source, ClickHouse enables any developer to unlock business value through sub-second access to big data.

  • Announcing Altinity Stable Builds for ClickHouse®
    Today we are pleased to announce Altinity Stable builds for ClickHouse. These are the natural evolution of our popular Altinity Stable release label, which designates community builds that are ready for production usage. We have taken the extra step of building them so we can provide better support to users.
  • ClickHouse Altinity Stable 21.8
    Today we annouce ClickHouse Altinity Stable release 21.8. This release is a significant upgrade since the previous Altinity Stable release. It includes 1472 pull requests from 224 contributors. Continue reading for full release notes.
  • OSA Con Call for Papers Closing Soon!
    OSA Con, our new online conference on open source analytics, is approaching fast! November 2 is just around the corner. Since we announced the conference on August 30, we have received many great proposals. We have already selected a number of sessions along with four excellent keynotes that we’ll be publishing shortly. If you have[…]
  • More Proof, If Needed, That ClickHouse Is Going to Be Big
    ClickHouse Inc. was announced today. It is a gain for all ClickHouse community users as well as open source data management overall. At Altinity we have just one word to say: Welcome!

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Data Warehouse Basics – October Class

An introduction to data warehouses for newcomers to SQL. Students will learn how data warehouses work, how to install ClickHouse, and how to issue standard SQL commands to build reports and dashboards in ClickHouse.

OSA Con | Open Source Analytics Conference 2021

Open source is enabling a new wave of high-performance, analytical systems that explore data from digital businesses. At OSA Con 2021, we connect developers of advanced open source software and developers of the innovative analytic applications that use them.