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Fully Managed ClickHouse in the Public Cloud

Spin up clusters, connect, and start working. Pick any Amazon or Google Cloud region and we’ll make it happen. We can add new regions in a couple of days, so don’t be shy.


Cloud, on-prem, and Kubernetes


From laptops to petabyte clusters


Cut analytical costs by up to 90%


Get insights in milliseconds

Altinity Is Your Enterprise Guide to ClickHouse

Altinity Powers Evaluation, Deployment and Operation of ClickHouse.



Fire up ClickHouse in AWS or GCP in minutes. Scale-up, upgrade, experiment with ease. You focus on innovation. We’ll manage ClickHouse.


Altinity services help customers evaluate, design, deploy, and support innovative ClickHouse analytic applications.


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, Altinity’s ClickHouse training turns your team into ClickHouse experts.

What is ClickHouse?

Real-time SQL data warehouse you can use with any application on any platform. 100% open source, ClickHouse enables any developer to unlock business value through sub-second access to big data.

  • Altinity is SOC 2 Type II Compliant!!
    Back in March we first announced that Altinity was SOCT 2 Type 1 Certified and in our continued pursuit to be compliant with high industry standards. Today we can proudly announce we’ve passed the next milestone and Altinity.Cloud, our managed ClickHouse platform, is now SOC 2 Type II certified! If we said it once, we will say it again, we take the responsibility to protect customer data with the highest standards of security, something we take very seriously.
  • Data Visualization and JSON: October SF ClickHouse Bay Area Meetup
    Time flies! The 27 October SF ClickHouse Meetup had three new talks on the themes of data visualization and JSON processing. The videos have been up for a while so here’s a quick summary as well as links in case you would like to watch them. 
  • OSA Con 2021 Content is Online. See You in 2022!
    OSA Con 2021, our first conference dedicated to open source analytics, is a wrap. We had a great conference with 22 talks by 31 presenters. I’m delighted that we could bring together so many different projects and applications under a single roof.
  • Grafana Integration with ClickHouse Video Series
    Check out the latest video series that teaches anyone with a basic knowledge of Linux or Docker how to connect Grafana to ClickHouse and get right to work.  These videos use a public demonstration ClickHouse cluster hosted on Altinity.Cloud, so you can use the same processes we do to become a Grafana with ClickHouse master.

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