No Lock-in, No Cost Surprises, 100% Open-Source

One vendor, every ClickHouse® use case

Get real-time analytics instantly with ClickHouse in the cloud

Altinity.Cloud sets up ClickHouse clusters in the public cloud and hands you the keys.

  • Run in our cloud account or yours
  • Operate in any AWS, GCP, or Azure region. 
  • Use any Altinity Stable Build or official ClickHouse version
  • Beat the competition with dedicated, high-performance environments
  • Depend on transparent, SaaS-friendly billing

  • Lean on expert support for AWS EKS, Google GKE, and Azure AKS
  • Eliminate management overhead with Altinity.Cloud Anywhere.
  • Optimize costs with scalable compute/storage separation
  • Add observability with Prometheus and Grafana templates
  • Integrate GitOps with ArgoCD and Terraform

Operate ClickHouse with confidence in any Kubernetes environment

Altinity pioneered cloud native ClickHouse. Get help from the experts. 

Build modern analytic stacks on ClickHouse

Altinity helps you deliver ClickHouse-based stacks that beat the daylights out of Snowflake and BigQuery.

  • Bring up best-practice stacks quickly with Altinity blueprints 
  • Replace other databases with cost-efficient ClickHouse
  • Automate deployment on ArgoCD, Terraform, or Ansible
  • Operate for years without major upgrades on Altinity Stable Builds
  • Meet security compliance requirements up to FIPS and FedRAMP

  • Audit clusters to apply best practice configuration and monitoring
  • Free development teams from time-consuming ClickHouse support
  • Reduce costs with cheaper VMs and better data compression
  • Increase performance by tuning schema and queries
  • Upgrade with zero-downtime upgrade from older ClickHouse versions

Optimize existing ClickHouse deployments

We help you reinvigorate ClickHouse investments with lower costs, increased performance, and higher uptime. 

Hundreds of enterprises trust Altinity

Get Your Free Consultation with a ClickHouse Expert

New to ClickHouse? Altinity can help you determine if ClickHouse fits your requirements, and we’ll show you the key benefits of using ClickHouse for your specific data analytics application.

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