The Know-How to Know Now.

  • Now is when customers are making buying decisions in your online store.
  • Now is when hackers are probing your network’s defenses.
  • Now is when marketing promotions are generating clicks.
  • Now is a limited-time offer for insights that transform your business.

Altinity.Cloud™ ➜

Fire up ClickHouse in AWS or GCP in minutes. Scale-up, upgrade, experiment with ease. You focus on innovation. We’ll manage ClickHouse.

Altinity Support

Altinity services help customers evaluate, design, deploy, and support innovative ClickHouse analytic applications.

Altinity Training ➜

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, Altinity’s ClickHouse training turns your team into ClickHouse experts.

At Altinity, we help you build ClickHouse-based analytics applications that make the most of Now.


Run anywhere for any purpose


Cut analytical costs up to 90%


Get insights in milliseconds


Fully Managed ClickHouse in the Public Cloud

Spin up clusters, connect, and start working. Pick any Amazon or Google Cloud region and we’ll make it happen. We can add new regions in a couple of days, so don’t be shy.

The Modern Platform for Real-Time Analytics

Altinity transforms Kubernetes into the platform for real-time data. The Altinity Kubernetes Operator makes setup, management, and monitoring of ClickHouse clusters simple and fast.

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