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Real-time SQL data warehouse.
Any application. Any platform.

100% open source ClickHouse enables any developer to unlock business value through sub-second access to big data.


Cloud, on-prem, and Kubernetes


From laptops to petabyte clusters


Cut analytical costs by up to 90%


Get insights in milliseconds

Altinity Is Your Enterprise Guide to ClickHouse

Altinity Powers Evaluation, Deployment and Operation of ClickHouse.


ClickHouse is the core. Altinity Stable Releases™ let you use Clickhouse with assurance. Ecosystem projects include extras that round out the stack. Altinity works on all of them


Altinity services help customers evaluate, design, deploy, and support innovative ClickHouse analytic applications. Plus our NRE services make ClickHouse even better. 


Fire up ClickHouse in the cloud in minutes. Scale-up, upgrade, experiment with ease. You focus on innovation.  We manage ClickHouse for you.

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  • Announcing Altinity Documentation for Developers & Administrators
    Welcome to a new year and a new present from Altinity! Helping developers create valuable analytics on ClickHouse is our number one priority. To this end, we have created a new documentation site to better support and document our software offerings for the community.
  • New Year Greetings and ClickHouse Updates
    The year 2020 has been a tough one for the world. It changed the way people work, communicate and travel. It taught us to care more about family, friends, and colleagues. It highlighted the fragility of our world. Altinity and ClickHouse changed as well, but fortunately most changes were good.
  • The ClickHouse Community
    Editor’s Note: This blog article is also posted on the official ClickHouse blog. We would like to thank Alexey Milovidov, Ivan Blinkov, and Alexander Zaitsev for their kind assistance. One of the great “features” of[…]
  • ClickHouse for Devs and GraphQL – December 2020 Meetup Report
    As part of helping to grow the ClickHouse community, we love topics related to analytic app development. This includes talks that help developers to learn about ClickHouse as well as innovative technologies like GraphQL. The December 2 ClickHouse SF Bay Area meetup had both types of content. Here is a summary including links to slides and videos for each.

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ClickHouse January [Virtual] Meetup – Office Hours

Welcome to the January 2021 ClickHouse Meetup. We'll be repeating usual office hours format, starting with a talk from Alexey Milovidov on the latest and greatest ClickHouse improvements.