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Something missing in ClickHouse? Our expert engineering team can implement everything from core ClickHouse features to Kubernetes operator behavior to client library improvements.
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We've been very impressed by the support from Altinity. It has saved us a number of times. We count on Altinity to help deliver fast, reliable analytics to our users.

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Peter Harper
CTO, AdScribe TV

We feel so fortunate to have found Altinity. We were faced with perplexing challenges with our Clickhouse clusters. The Altinity team helped us navigate through these issues and we now have a more stable, supportable environment. This was a great boost for our product and business as it gave us headroom to scale even further on an optimized configuration.

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Basil Hashem,
VP Product Development, Yotascale

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Using Joins in ClickHouse Materialized Views

ClickHouse materialized views provide a powerful way to restructure data in ClickHouse. We have discussed their capabilities many times in webinars, blog articles, and conference talks. One of the most common follow-on questions we receive is whether materialized views can support joins.
The answer is emphatically yes. This blog article shows how. If you are looking for a quick answer, here it is: materialized views trigger off the left-most table of the join. The materialized view will pull values from right-side tables in the join but will not trigger if those tables change.

ClickHouse Birthday Altinity Stable Release

4 years ago, Alexey Milovidov published “Yandex Opens ClickHouse”, a historic blog post that opened up a new era in analytical databases. Since then we consider June 15 as the birthday of ClickHouse. ClickHouse is our beloved child that grows up and matures very rapidly. Like any normal kid, it has some bad habits and a lot of “character.” We teach it and are happy to see how it progresses. Birthdays are a time for presents. For ClickHouse’s 4th birthday we prepared …

ClickHouse Kafka Engine Tutorial

Our colleague Mikhail Filimonov just published an excellent ClickHouse Kafka Engine FAQ. It provides users with answers to common questions about using stable versions, configuration parameters, standard SQL definitions, and many other topics. Even experienced users are likely to learn something new.
But what if you are getting started and need help setting up Kafka and ClickHouse for the first time? Good news! This article is for you.

ClickHouse Dictionaries, Reloaded!

ClickHouse external dictionaries are a “ClickHouse way” to handle multi-dimensional schema. ClickHouse Dictionaries Explained was the very first article in the Altinity blog three years ago. ClickHouse has improved significantly since then, and dictionaries have achieved a new level of utility. In this article, I will explain two new cool ClickHouse features that completely change the way how dictionaries can be used. Change in a good sense, of course.

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