Altinity Kubernetes Operator for ClickHouse

Proven Automation for ClickHouse on Kubernetes

The Altinity Kubernetes Operator for ClickHouse is a production-ready operator that manages ClickHouse databases from simple resource files. It delivers robust features required for cost-efficient, real-time analytic applications. 

  • Use any build or version of ClickHouse and ClickHouse Keeper
  • Upgrade / downgrade ClickHouse versions without application downtime
  • Scale clusters seamlessly with automatic schema propagation
  • Manage users, profiles, and configuration values 
  • Export metrics to Prometheus and Grafana dashboards
  • Combine easily with Altinity clickhouse-backup for regular backup of cluster data and configuration
  • Tight coupling with Kubernetes Secrets for secure handling of credentials and X509 certificates
  • Integrate with Argo CD and Flux
  • Extensively tested on AWS EKS, Google GKE, and Azure AKS as well as Minikube

The Altinity Operator is open source and licensed under Apache 2.0. It is distributed as a container from the Altinity Docker Hub account, with regular releases to add new features and fix problems. 

How the Operator Works

The Altinity Operator implements the operator design pattern, which allows users to define and manage custom resources using simple YAML manifests. It intercepts manifests and maps them to appropriate Kubernetes resources like pods and volume claims to create a running cluster.

The Altinity Operator defines ClickHouseInstallation resources for ClickHouse clusters and ClickHouseKeeperInstallation resources for ClickHouse Keeper ensembles. The operator applies changes with minimal disruption for applications. It applies changes like ClickHouse version upgrades or rescaling using a rolling procedure that avoids downtime but also parallelizes wherever possible to complete changes quickly. 

The Altinity Operator is designed to integrate smoothly with Kubernetes auto scalers, CSI drivers, and Secrets, to name a few. It follows the principle of minimal privilege and can operate safely within a single namespace on Kubernetes clusters that run multiple services.

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Who uses the Altinity Operator

The Altinity Operator was the first Kubernetes operator developed for a data warehouse. Today it is one of the most popular database operators on GitHub with over 1600 stars. 

We developed the Altinity Operator to drive our Altinity.Cloud managed platform for ClickHouse. The operator currently manages hundreds of Altinity.Cloud ClickHouse installations both in our VPCs as well as customer accounts. 

The Altinity Operator is also widely used in the open source community. We estimate that it manages tens of thousands of ClickHouse servers worldwide. The following logos represent just a few of the many companies who have publicly adopted or support the Altinity Operator. 

How Altinity Can Help

Altinity has world-leading experience in operating ClickHouse in Kubernetes. We can help you no matter where or how you choose to run. Our solutions get ClickHouse in production quickly and keep it there without adding extra staff. 

  • Altinity.Cloud operates ClickHouse in the cloud. Choose SaaS operation in Altinity’s account for completely hands-off management. Or pick Altinity.Cloud Anywhere to run managed ClickHouse in your own cloud accounts. Both solutions include baked-in support. 
  • Altinity enterprise support is there if you want to go fully self-managed. Pick your environment and let us help you with everything from application design to production issues. 

No matter which solution you choose, Altinity is your partner for ClickHouse on Kubernetes.