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Altinity Support subscription continuously delivers new value during each stage of your IT journey and empowers you to drive innovation with open-source software. Our approach is open and collaborative, providing you direct access to ClickHouse and Altinity Platform engineers, the latest product knowledge, and best practices 24/7.


Altinity believes in your applications as much as you do.  We offer service level agreements to match the criticality of user systems ranging from 8x5 support to 24x7 with guaranteed response times based on severity and financial penalties for non-performance.

Problem Reporting and Inquiries

Altinity offers a variety of convenient options to open support cases: Web-based trouble tickets, Slack channel, or Email.  Zoom-based bridge calls are also supported. Cases are tracked in an easy-to-use web-based system.


Altinity provides expert advice to save time and resources when installing and operating ClickHouse. These include installation, configuration, scale-up/down.  Altinity engineers possess knowledge that goes beyond available documentation to help you get apps up quickly without costly mistakes.


Altinity is expert at schema design and query performance tuning. We can help reduce response times by 50% or more.

Bug Fixes

Altinity offers fixes for bugs that cause crashes, corrupt data, deliver incorrect results, reduce performance, or compromise security.  We support ClickHouse itself and related software like open source drivers. Fixes include patch delivery and instructions for applying correction.


Altinity support engineers can provide best practices to lock down servers and help users get through InfoSec reviews.  This help is necessary for many companies to get applications out the door and into production. Altinity support engineers can help users check security settings on running systems or prior to deployment to ensure ClickHouse is securely configured. 

Roadmap and Upgrade

Altinity closely tracks current releases and can notify customers when it is safe to apply a new release as well as provide procedures to upgrade analytic applications safely and efficiently.  We also closely monitor development roadmaps and help users plan for new features. 

System Audits

Altinity will gladly audit supported systems on a regular basis to check for misconfiguration, opportunities to boost performance, hidden problems, and security issues. The process is interactive and takes an hour or less. It’s also a chance to meet the Altinity team and talk with the folks who will be standing behind your production development.


Non-recurring engineering on ClickHouse and Altinity Platform.

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