What Is ClickHouse?

ClickHouse Data Warehouse

 Add high performance analytics to any application–from embedded services to systems running on hundreds of servers. Game on!

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New to ClickHouse? Start Here

New to ClickHouse? Start Here
This video series will cover the following topics:
• How fast is ClickHouse-Fast?
• How to install ClickHouse on Ubuntu 18.04
• Why do you need a data warehouse?
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Open Source Meets SQL Column Stores

ClickHouse is the first open source SQL data warehouse to match the performance, maturity, and scalability of proprietary databases like Sybase IQ, Vertica, and Snowflake.  State-of-the-art features include:

  • Column storage that handles tables with trillions of rows and thousands of columns
  • Compression and codecs to reduce I/O dramatically
  • Linear scaling through vectorized query and sharding
  • Fault-tolerance and read scaling thanks to built-in replication
  • Fast ingestion with data instantly queryable after INSERT
  • Outstanding aggregation through materialized views
  • Features to solve real-world problems like funnel analytics and last point queries

ClickHouse development is driven by a community consisting of hundreds of contributors focused on solving real problems, not implementing corporate roadmaps.

Switching to ClickHouse has allowed us to reduce costs, improve performance, as well as unlock features we would have never been able to deliver with existing systems.  ClickHouse has successfully replaced several of our systems, both internal and customer-facing, and has become Mux’s default for analytics workloads.
Adam Brown
CTO, Mux.com

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