“It is a rare privilege to work on a product that fundamentally alters data management. Such breakthroughs are possible when trends across economics, social organization, and technology intersect to enable new synergies.”

Robert Hodges, CEO

Altinity is based on three insights that will permanently change the way businesses create value from data.

A universe of business value is waiting to be unlocked through fast access to very large amounts of data.

Inclusive open source communities are the best mechanism to develop fit-for-use database technologies and deliver them quickly to users.

ClickHouse SQL data warehouse offers the best performance, scalability, and flexibility of any data management product in the market.

We focus on enabling any developer to add real-time analytics to any application, regardless of where it runs, how much data it needs to answer questions, or how quickly the data arrives. Unleashing a wave of innovation at the level of individual analytic apps will open new economic opportunities for our customers and benefit users worldwide.

Our History

The Altinity journey began in San Carlos, California. Alexander Zaitsev, our CTO, ran into a fundamental problem with analytics for ad networks: data to make ad placement decisions is increasing far more rapidly than business revenue. ClickHouse was the only database that could scale economically, beating out far more mature analytical products.  But it was far from enterprise quality.

Alexander teamed up with Peter Zaitsev and Vadim Tkachenko, founders of Percona and world-renowned open source database experts.  Like Alexander, Peter and Vadim saw the potential of ClickHouse as “MySQL for analytics.”  Together they founded a company to provide guidance to enterprise ClickHouse users and make ClickHouse itself better.  Mindaugas Zukas, an experienced manager, joined as the fourth founder to run the company, which began business in 2017.

Alexander also bugged his friend Robert Hodges about the great new database he was working on. Robert joined the team in 2019 as CEO. Like the rest of the group, he saw the opportunity to create a unique offering in the database world that could open up new data applications and enable new markets. We are building a team of like-minded colleagues to make this vision a reality. 

Our People

Our team consists of people who love data, cloud technology, and solving problems for customers. We offer the opportunity to develop solutions to some of the most challenging problems in data analysis today. We are working together to create something great.

Our Team

The Altinity Team lives and breathes data.

Our management team, investors, and advisors have over 150 years of experience in innovation in database technology ranging from pre-relational products, to MySQL and cloud data services, to data warehouses.