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  • Altinity Welcomes Anurag Gupta and Mike Olson as Advisors
    ~ Altinity is the largest enterprise ClickHouse services provider. Altinity recently launched its first cloud service, Altinity.CloudTM and now aims to become a market leader in the Commercial Open Source Software (COSS) Space.  ~ Altinity raised its first venture funding of $4M from Accel’s Daniel Levine. The company successfully expanded into a cloud platform. Its[…]
  • Altinity Introduces Altinity.Cloud and Secures $4M in Funding from Accel
    BERKELEY, October 1, 2020 — Altinity, the largest enterprise ClickHouse services provider, today launched its first cloud service, Altinity.CloudTM, which offers best-in-class operations, administration and maintenance to support application development with ClickHouse.
  • Altinity Announces Production-Ready Kubernetes Operator for ClickHouse Data Warehouses

    LONDON, November 19, 2019 — Altinity is pleased to announce a production-ready version 0.7.0 of the innovative ClickHouse Kubernetes Operator. The new operator release enables users to confidently use Kubernetes to run ClickHouse, a popular real-time data. warehouse used by a worldwide open source community.

  • A Warm Welcome to Robert Hodges, Altnity’s New CEO

    LONDON, January 16, 2019 — Altinity is delighted to announce that after a long search the Board of Directors has appointed Robert Hodges as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) effective 1 January 2019. Our previous CEO Mindaugas Zukas will take over as Altinity’s Chief Operating Officer (COO).

  • ClickHouse Experiencing Explosive Growth in EU, US and Asia in Q1 2018

    LONDON, April 23, 2018 — Altinity, a leading service provider for ClickHouse, today announced explosive 10x quarter-over-quarter revenue growth in Q1 2018 for its ClickHouse services. The spike in demand for ClickHouse Support mirrors the trend of companies increasingly relying on ClickHouse as a solution for their data analytics and data warehousing needs.

  • Amadeus Technologies Launches Investment and Insights Tool Bases on Machine Learning and Strategy Algorithms
    TORONTO, March 27, 2018 — Amadeus Technologies today announced the availability of Amadeus Equity Tools, an analytical approach to enable equity portfolio managers to quickly and easily derive actionable insights for investments. Built from the ground up on ClickHouse, a leading open-source columnar SQL database used for analytics and reporting, and Kodiak Data’s memory-speed cloud infrastructure, this application uses cutting-edge technology and machine learning (ML) techniques to manage big data.


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