Build a Low-Cost, High-Performance Analytic Platform with Kubernetes and Open Source

Recorded: July 27 @ 10:00 am PT
Presenter: Robert Hodges, CEO @Altinity

Tired of big bills from Snowflake and BigQuery? Want to keep data in-house? Trying to avoid vendor lock-in? Solve these problems and more by building your cloud-native analytic service.

We start with the architecture of close-source, cloud analytic databases like Snowflake. We then introduce an equally capable design for real-time analytics built entirely on robust open source.

Next, we set up an example using Kubernetes for the run-time, ClickHouse® as the query engine, and infrastructure-as-code to deploy apps. Ingest, visualization, and system services are all included.

The talk ends with cost numbers to prove that you can operate the service at a fraction of the cost of your current cloud database. 
(Code used in the platform demo is open source and available on GitHub.)

Here are the slides: