ClickHouse Proof of Concept & Evaluation Support

Delaying an upgrade or migration because you’re not sure where to start? Looking to expand or improve your data model? Altinity experts are here to understand the whole picture, help you define your goals, and accelerate your projects!

Our engineers are ready to discuss your organization’s use case and see if ClickHouse could fit your requirements. Our team has extensive experience in comparative evaluation of different databases. We give you recommendations on the best approach to evaluate ClickHouse technology and arrive at a decision you can live with.

Application Design & Delivery Assistance

If you are reading this page, you probably know that ClickHouse is fast. But do you know how to make it even faster and more efficient? Our team can offer timely insight to help your applications deliver fast results in milliseconds, not minutes. Here are just a few samples from our design playbook.

  • Data compression – Savvy use of code to transform data before compression can help reduce final stored data by a factor of 10,000.
    (Yes, you read that right.)
  • Materialized Views – Pre-aggregate data to reduce I/O and return insights in milliseconds.
  • Clustering – Run queries in parallel over multiple nodes to boost performance

We can even help with implementation itself if you are short of staff.