POC/Evaluation Support

ClickHouse Proof Of Concept And Evaluation Support

Delaying an upgrade or migration because you’re not sure where to start? Looking to expand or improve your data model? Altinity experts are here to understand the whole picture, your goals, and accelerate your projects!

We are ready to discuss your companies use case and see if ClickHouse could fit your requirements, give recommendations of the best approach to evaluate ClickHouse technology and help you to go-to market faster.


ClickHouse works 100-1,000x faster than traditional approaches

In contrast to common data management methods, where vast amounts of raw data in its native format are available as a “data lake” for any given query, ClickHouse offers instant results in most cases: the data is processed faster than it takes to create a query.


Altinity ClickHouse Technical Support Plans

Accelerate your success at any stage in your journey and get projects to production faster.

Proof of concept and evaluation support is best suited for non-critical, smaller ClickHouse deployments where longer response times are acceptable and consultant assistance or bug fixes for production deployments are not required.

Features included:

  • Quick and quality response times
  • SLA money back guarantee
  • Unlimited incidents and inquiries
  • Variety of support channels for your convenience
  • Database administration (DBA) assistance
  • Operational advisory on core elements
  • Consultancy by ClickHouse experts
  • Troubleshooting
  • Level 3 support
  • And more

Contact Altinity team at Info@altinity.com
+1 628 400 4455 (USA) or +44 (0) 2036 087444 (UK)

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