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Comprehensive Services for ClickHouse Applications

Altinity provides support and services to translate advanced ClickHouse technology to working analytic applications that guide your business. Need something else? Let’s talk!

24×7 Support

Analytic applications guide your business.  Altinity support is there to ensure your systems are always up and your vision is clear. Our team is expert at every aspect of developing and operating ClickHouse.  We handle everything from helping restore down systems to answering developer questions.  

Feature Engineering

Altinity engineering implements new features in the ClickHouse server and ecosystem projects. Funding new open source features helps customers solve their own business problems and makes ClickHouse better for all users.  

Proof-of-Concept and Application Design

Altinity POCs assist your evaluations and analytic application implementation. Our engineers guide you to frame analytic problems so you can evaluate ClickHouse properly. We also join your projects to supply schema design and testing advice for robust applications that create maximum value for businesses.

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We feel so fortunate to have found Altinity. We were faced with perplexing challenges with our Clickhouse clusters. The Altinity team helped us navigate through these issues and we now have a more stable, supportable environment. This was a great boost for our product and business as it gave us headroom to scale even further on an optimized configuration.

Basil Hashem, VP Product Development, Yotascale

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