Altinity ClickHouse Repository

We are pleased to announce that Altinity repository hosting ClickHouse RHEL/CentOS RPMs as well as packages for Fedora is available at packagecloud

ClickHouse Dictionaries Benchmarking

Apr 26, 2017   
There are few ClickHouse benchmarks in the web already. Most of them use denormalized database schema. However, in denormalization is not always possible or desirable. In this article we will compare the query performance between denormalized and normalized schema where normalization is modelled using unique ClickHouse external dictionaries feature.

ClickHouse Dictionaries Explained

Apr 12, 2017   
One of the most useful ClickHouse features is external dictionaries. They are extremely powerful, and if used efficiently may lead to quite elegant designs. I will lead you through the dictionaries using few examples that highlight basic and advanced usage scenarios. So let’s begin.