Altinity.Cloud® vs ClickHouse Cloud FAQ

Altinity.Cloud and ClickHouse Cloud are both cloud platforms for managed ClickHouse. However, they are different in important ways. Follow along as we compare them. 

Note: ClickHouse Cloud is in beta and evolving rapidly. We will update this page as it offers new capabilities.

Altinity.Cloud runs ClickHouse on Kubernetes using the Altinity Kubernetes Operator for ClickHouse. Each tenant environment is a dedicated Kubernetes with complete isolation from other tenants. Each ClickHouse server is backed by a dedicated VM with cloud block storage. You can scale nodes up or down. You can increase storage at any time. 

ClickHouse Cloud uses a serverless model with decoupled compute and storage that is similar to BigQuery. It stores data on object storage and transparently spins up server nodes to handle query traffic. It uses caching to help speed access to data when querying.

Altinity.Cloud is operated by Altinity and was introduced in October 2020. Design began in 2018. It incorporates lessons from helping hundreds of enterprise users to design, deploy, and operate analytic applications on ClickHouse. 

ClickHouse Cloud is operated by ClickHouse Inc and introduced its public beta in October 2022.

Altinity.Cloud runs in any AWS or GCP region. You can also use Altinity.Cloud Anywhere to operate in additional clouds like Azure. Contact us for more information. 

ClickHouse Cloud runs in a limited number of AWS regions. GCP and Azure are not supported yet.

Altinity.Cloud supports a wide range of VM types with capacity from 2 to 64 vCPUs. It uses cloud block storage, which offers faster and more consistent response than hosting data on object storage. There are no limitations on the number of shards or replicas. Users can configure clusters to handle a wide range of high-performance workloads. 

Since ClickHouse speed depends on application design, Altinity.Cloud Support Engineers help developers tune SQL schemas and improve queries to achieve optimum performance. Application teams do not need to be performance experts to get the best out of ClickHouse. 

ClickHouse Cloud is still in beta and limits configurations to non-sharded 3 replica clusters with a small number of instance choices. It’s difficult to make a fair performance comparison at this time. 

Altinity.Cloud bills for allocated ClickHouse servers and storage, regardless of how heavily they are used. You can turn off unused servers automatically, and there are substantial discounts. There are no charges for network transfer or other “invisible” costs.

ClickHouse Cloud pricing is similar to BigQuery. It charges for object storage to hold data plus the cost of executing queries. Query cost includes compute used, data written, and data read–it’s a pure serverless model that is like “paying by the sip” for drinks. See the ClickHouse Cloud pricing page for details.

Serverless data services based on object storage–like ClickHouse Cloud–are inexpensive if you query only a small fraction of your data regularly. But if your usage suddenly increases, so does your bill. Also, many users find billing based on the amount of data read and written confusing. Changing table sort order or tweaking SQL queries can result in unpredictable cost increases. 

The Altinity.Cloud model allows users to read or write any amount of data at the same fixed cost. You can adjust costs quickly and predictably by rescaling cluster resources. Developers can change applications to offer new features without worrying that they will incur additional charges. 

If you need complete control over base infrastructure costs, Altinity.Cloud Anywhere lets you use your own cloud account for ClickHouse resources. You can take advantage of your own savings plans and credits to run ClickHouse clusters. 

Altinity.Cloud Anywhere lets users run ClickHouse clusters in their own VPCs. You register a Kubernetes cluster and Altinity.Cloud manages ClickHouse there. You have complete control over security and access. There is no migration if you unsubscribe from Altinity.Cloud. ClickHouse is already in your VPC and keeps running even after you terminate. 

ClickHouse Cloud uses its own VPCs similar to Snowflake or BigQuery. If you unsubscribe from ClickHouse Cloud, your data is no longer available. To migrate away from ClickHouse Cloud you must move the data to another managed service or to your own servers.

ClickHouse expertise is a critical success factor for analytic applications. Altinity.Cloud includes baked-in support with enterprise response SLAs. It covers the entire development lifecycle from application design through deployment, and draws on years of experience helping enterprise users. Engineers are available on Slack channels for quick conversations at all points in the development cycle. They are still there when your main dev team has rolled off to other projects. 

The ClickHouse Cloud support offering is still developing. We’ll update the FAQ when more information is available.

Altinity.Cloud runs fully open source ClickHouse builds including Altinity Stable Builds. It is 100% compatible with installed ClickHouse. If your application works in development it will work on Altinity.Cloud. The few exceptions are features related to networking such as interfaces for gRPC, MySQL, and other protocols. We can also enable these if you need them.

ClickHouse.Cloud beta does not support some storage engines, including Kafka, does not support dictionaries, and applies some other restrictions like disabling experimental features. Read the compatibility guide for the up-to-date list. 

Try them out! Both platforms offer free trials. Here are links for the Altinity.Cloud signup page and the ClickHouse Cloud signup page. Tell us what you think!

Get Started With Altinity.Cloud 

Altinity.Cloud is for any developer who wants to try out ClickHouse quickly and develop new analytic applications. It takes care of ClickHouse management, allowing developers to focus on getting applications to work.

Please consider Altinity.Cloud if you tick any of these boxes:

  • Looking for complete automation of ClickHouse
  • Looking to make your analytic development as productive as possible without hiring new people
  • Looking for the fastest path to deliver high-value analytic applications
  • Want an open platform that will give you freedom to grow in any direction

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