Introduction to High-Velocity Analytics Using ClickHouse Arrays

October 7, 2020
with Robert Hodges

Arrays are a prominent ClickHouse SQL extension that can accelerate query speed up to 100x in well-chosen use cases. This webinar introduces ClickHouse arrays and shows how to use them effectively. We provide examples of idiomatic usage and guides you on use cases where you should immediately reach for arrays. Please join us to become a power user of this popular ClickHouse feature.

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Migrating from Druid to Next-Gen OLAP on ClickHouse: eBay’s Experience

September 23, 2020
with Sudeep Kumar - MTS 2, eBay and Rober Hodges - CEO, Altinity

We'll talk about our experience building a next-generation OLAP capability for eBay event data using ClickHouse and realizing large infrastructure savings compared to the previous-generation solution built on Druid. Given the scale of eBay, this requires a highly scalable, performant and reliable Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) engine. Join us to hear the whole story!

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ClickHouse Unleashed 2020: Our Favorite New Features for Your Analytical Applications

August 6, 2020
Alexander Zaitsev and Robert Hodges

Curious, what's new in ClickHouse? This talk is for you! Learn about new features of ClickHouse, preview new features like object storage and LDAP support planned for the remainder of 2020, and closeout with Altinity Stable Releases and how they help you decide when features are production-ready. Don't miss this opportunity to get current on ClickHouse improvements to help you build even better analytics!

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Adventures in Observability: How In-House ClickHouse Deployment Enabled Instana to Build Better Monitoring for Users

July 9, 2020
with Marcel Birkner, Yoann Buch and Robert Hodges

Instana automated APM provides complete visibility into complex systems, including ClickHouse servers. Hear how their team uses ClickHouse to power their solution and how they've integrated them back into their own ClickHouse monitoring features.

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Big Data and Beautiful Video: How ClickHouse enables Mux to Deliver Content at Scale

June 23, 2020
with Adam Brown and Robert Hodges enables content providers to stream video to vast audiences while maintaining pin-point control over performance. Join us as Adam Brown, a co-founder of Mux and video expert, explains the role that ClickHouse plays in content delivery. We close with discussion around the Mux journey to ClickHouse and lessons learned along the way about how data enables content delivery networks.

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Big Data in Real-Time: How ClickHouse powers Admiral’s visitor relationships for publishers

June 16, 2020
James Hartig and Robert Hodges

Advertising is dying in the wake of privacy and adblockers. Join us for a conversation with James Hartig, a Co-Founder at Admiral (, who helps publishers diversify their revenue and build more meaningful relationships with users. Discussion includes how Admiral migrated from MongoDB and how ClickHouse drives cutting edge real-time applications.

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MORE secrets of ClickHouse Query Performance

May 27, 2020
with Robert Hodges

ClickHouse is famously fast, but a small amount of extra work makes it much faster. Join us for the latest version of our popular talk on single-node ClickHouse performance. We start by examining the system log to see what ClickHouse queries are doing. Then we introduce standard tricks to increase speed: adding CPUs, reducing I/O with filters, restructuring joins, adding indexes, and using materialized views, plus many more. In each case we show how to measure the results of your work. There will as usual be time for questions as well at the end. Sign up now to polish your ClickHouse performance skills!

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Strength in Numbers. Introduction to ClickHouse Cluster Performance

April 29, 2020
with Robert Hodges

ClickHouse clusters apply the power of dozens or even hundreds of nodes to vast datasets. In this webinar we'll show you how to use the basic tools of replication and sharding to create high performance ClickHouse clusters. We'll study the plumbing of inserts into sharded datasets and how to determine the correct number of shards for your desired writes. We'll similarly look at distributed queries and show how to scale read capacity to desired levels using replicas. Finally, we'll look at techniques for scaling up both shards and replicas to accommodate growth in your dataset.

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Webinar: ClickHouse Monitoring 101. What to monitor and how

April 1, 2020
with Robert Hodges and Ned McClain

You are about to deploy ClickHouse into production. Congratulations! But what about monitoring? In this webinar we will introduce how to track the health of individual ClickHouse nodes as well as clusters. We'll describe available monitoring data, how to collect and store measurements, and graphical display using Grafana. We'll demo techniques and share sample Grafana dashboards that you can use for your own clusters.

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Webinar. ClickHouse Materialized Views. The Magic Continues

February 26, 2020
with Robert Hodges

Materialized views are the killer feature of ClickHouse, and the Altinity 2019 webinar on how they work was very popular. Join this updated webinar to learn how to use materialized views to speed up queries hundreds of times. We'll cover basic design, last point queries, using TTLs to drop source data, counting unique values, and other useful tricks. Finally, we'll cover recent improvements that make materialized views more useful than ever. See you there!

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Fast Insight from Fast Data. Integrating ClickHouse and Apache Kafka

January 21, 2020
with Robert Hodges and Mikhail Filimonov

Apache Kafka is a popular way to load large data volumes quickly to ClickHouse. In this webinar we will cover best practices for integrating Kafka and ClickHouse including setup of Kafka clusters, defining materialized views to pull data into ClickHouse, and organization of target tables. We will also cover alternatives like writing your own connector applications. Altinity is now the community maintainer for ClickHouse Kafka. Our lead Kafka engineer Mikhail Filimonov will be in the webinar to share the latest tips for successful Kafka use. Please join us and bring your questions!

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Webinar: A Practical Introduction to Handling Log Data in ClickHouse

December 17, 2019
with Robert Hodges

Log messages are one of the most important types of application data. ClickHouse is very good at storing log data; many SaaS applications use it under the covers. In this webinar we will show examples of different application logs and how to design tables to store them. Options include using typed columns, strings, JSON, or key-value pair arrays. We'll also discuss how materialized columns to improve filter speed, as well as techniques to tune index granularity for wide rows. This is the first in a series of webinars on log management. Future webinars will cover tools to load data as well as techniques to retrieve log information efficiently.

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