Altinity Stable Release™ Update

We are delighted to announce that Altinity Stable Release is updated to This release includes several dozen bug fixes not present in the previous

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ClickHouse Data Integration — September 2020 Meetup Report

Our last ClickHouse SF Bay Area meetup was on September 10th and focused on data integration. This turned out to be a popular subject.  We had well over 100 signups with 59 people in attendance.[...]

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ClickHouse September [Virtual] Meetup

Mark your calendars! In September we’ll be exploring ways that ClickHouse talks to the world including a couple of interesting integrations to open data and machine learning. Here’s the agenda: *Polyglot ClickHouse! — Robert Hodges,[...]

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Introduction to High-Velocity Analytics Using ClickHouse Arrays

October 7, 2020
with Robert Hodges

Arrays are a prominent ClickHouse SQL extension that can accelerate query speed up to 100x in well-chosen use cases. This webinar introduces ClickHouse arrays and shows how to use them effectively. We provide examples of idiomatic usage and guides you on use cases where you should immediately reach for arrays. Please join us to become a power user of this popular ClickHouse feature.

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Migrating from Druid to Next-Gen OLAP on ClickHouse: eBay’s Experience

September 23, 2020
with Sudeep Kumar - MTS 2, eBay and Rober Hodges - CEO, Altinity

We'll talk about our experience building a next-generation OLAP capability for eBay event data using ClickHouse and realizing large infrastructure savings compared to the previous-generation solution built on Druid. Given the scale of eBay, this requires a highly scalable, performant and reliable Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) engine. Join us to hear the whole story!

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ClickHouse vs Redshift Performance for FinTech Risk Management

ClickHouse SQL extensions, arrays, in particular, allow it to solve the business use case up to 100 times more efficiently than Redshift at 1/6th the cost. We know that ClickHouse is fast, but we were a bit surprised by these research results.

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Introduction to ClickHouse Backups and clickhouse-backup

Data backups are an inglorious but vital part of IT operations. They are most challenging in "big data" deployments, such as analytics databases. This article will explore the plumbing involved in backing up ClickHouse and introduce the clickhouse-backup tool for automating the process.

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ClickHouse and Redshift Face Off Again in NYC Taxi Rides Benchmark

Being that it has been roughly three years since we last compared ClickHouse to Amazon Redshift, we thought it was time for an update. Using the same popular benchmarking dataset of NYC taxi trips data over multiple years, current size is 1.3 billion rows.

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Conference Slides. Five Great Ways to Lose Data on Kubernetes (And How to Avoid Them)

As databases and stateful apps rapidly adopt Kubernetes, the reality of accidental data loss isn't far behind. Robert Hodges, Altinity CEO, will give listeners tools to push through the paranoia and ensure happy experiences with cloud native data.

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Machine Learning Models as Tables

The MindsDB team has come up with a creative way to integrate machine learning models with ClickHouse. We're delighted to share it on the Altinity Blog.

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Webinar Slides. ClickHouse Unleashed 2020: Our Favorite New Features for Your Analytical Applications

Curious what’s new in ClickHouse? This talk is for you! Watch to learn about new features of ClickHouse, ranging from tiered storage to compact MergeTree format to SQL join improvements. Preview new features like object storage and LDAP support planned for the remainder of 2020. We close out, by discussing Altinity Stable Releases and how they help you decide when features are ready for production use. Don’t miss this opportunity to get current on ClickHouse improvements to help you build even better analytics!

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Webinar Slides. Adventures in Observability: How In-House ClickHouse Deployment Enabled Instana to Build Better Monitoring for Users

Instana is an Application Performance Monitoring solution that provides complete visibility into complex distributed systems, including ClickHouse servers. In this webinar, we welcome Marcel Birkner and Yoann Buch of Instana. They describe how the Instana team uses ClickHouse to power their solution, lessons they have learned, and how they integrated them back into Instana's own ClickHouse monitoring features. Along the way, you'll learn how to set up Instana on ClickHouse, what important metrics you should track, how ClickHouse is integrated in end-to-end distributed tracing, and what level of automation is available for root cause analysis and alerting.

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