Using the Schema-Agnostic Design Pattern on ClickHouse for Product Analytics at Sumsub

Recorded: July 20 @ 10:00 am GMT+2
Presenter: Olga Silyutina, Product Analytics Lead @Sumsub

SQL databases like ClickHouse love rectangular data. But what if you can’t define your table schema in advance?

Olga Silyutina’s talk shows how Sumsub solved this classic problem for product analytics using schema-agnostic design. The Sumsub platform ingests a wide range of event types for delivery to analytics. Sumsub uses a schema-agnostic approach to transform different event types with ClickHouse materialized views into a flattened form that’s convenient for analysis. Apache Airflow brings the resulting data to Superset for visualization.

Olga’s talk provides detailed design and code examples for each step of this innovative solution.

Here are the slides:


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