ClickHouse Feature Engineering

Feature Engineering

ClickHouse has a plethora of great features to solve tough enterprise problems fast.  Still, the exact feature needed to make your deployment successful might be missing.  That’s where we come in. 

Altinity is a major committer to ClickHouse as well as ecosystem projects like the ClickHouse Kubernetes Operator, Grafana Plugin, and ODBC driver.  Our engineers specialize in innovative feature work required for enterprise operation. Here is a sample of recent accomplishments.

  • Implementation of tiered storage to “age” data automatically from high-performance NVMe SSD to cheap, high-density HDD. Saves up to 80% on operating costs
  • Kafka table engine fixes to boost performance and transactional integrity
  • DateTime64 and IPv4/v6 data types to simplify data modeling
  • Gorilla and DoubleDelta codecs to improve compression efficiency
  • Performance and Windows compatibility upgrades for ClickHouse ODBC Driver
  • Delivery of ClickHouse Kubernetes operator to enable cloud native data warehouse operation

When you contract for non-recurring engineering (NRE) you expect code that meets demanding requirements. We don’t just implement. Our team carefully designs and tests deliverables to exacting enterprise standards.  

Contracted features are released under project open-source licenses and included in all future builds. By funding work, you improve ClickHouse not just for your applications but for the entire ClickHouse community. 

Our free consultation call with Altinity was great. With their help, we understood how to implement corner cases we were worried about and optimize our Customer Data Platform with ClickHouse’s fantastic speed. Many thanks to Altinity and its team for facilitating and conducting the one-hour consultation session.
Sergey Zhemzhitsky
CTO, CleverData

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