The Open Source Analytics Conference 2022 is on 15 November

Interested in open source software? Working on analytic applications? There is a virtual conference where you can learn about both. 

Altinity is delighted to announce Open Source Analytics Conference 2022!

The call-for-papers is open, and we’re already reviewing talks, working with community sponsors, and generally preparing for a great event. The conference takes place on November 15th. It will be virtual, so you can attend from anywhere.

As with our first OSA Con conference in 2021, we seek to bring together developers of open source projects as well as the applications that use them. Talks are developer-focused and cover the entire analytic stack, not just tech from a single vendor. Presentation topics will include: 

  • High performance event streams like Kafka, RedPanda, and Pulsar
  • Low latency data warehouses including ClickHouse, Presto, and Druid
  • Innovative data visualization spanning dashboards to custom displays
  • Analytics in SaaS and multi-tenant use cases
  • Engineering approaches to design and deploy analytic applications
  • And much more…

Keynotes will offer a broader view of the open source analytics landscape, key technology trends, and market developments. We are also planning a special track for developers new to analytics who want to get up to speed quickly.  

The overall theme for this year’s conference is using open source to deliver cost-efficient, fast business insight. We plan to highlight how startups can develop analytics on a shoestring, how to deliver fast, low-cost responses at scale, and new ways to help users understand business conditions in real time. 

We’re already working with a number of partners and speakers from last year to build the agenda for this year’s conference. Here are the dates. 

  • September 15th – CFP closes and signups open. 
  • October 15th – Full conference schedule published. 
  • November 15th – Showtime! An all-day, virtual conference. 

Now, all we need to make the conference a success is…you! 

There are three ways to join the fun:

  • Submit a talk through the CFP form. We’re looking for insightful, technical talks on open source analytic projects as well as applications based on them. We’ll be selecting talks as they come in so get your proposals in now. 
  • Attend. Conference signup will open shortly. You can register for email updates on the conference home page. We’ll let you know as soon as attendee signup is open. 
  • Become a community sponsor and help the conference grow. There’s no charge and you’ll be part of building a long-term forum for analytics and open source. Contact us at to find out more.  

We put together the 2021 conference in only 9 weeks from start to finish. We ended up with an awesome set of talks and almost 300 signups. This year we are shooting for the same high quality of presentations and 1000 signups. With your help it’s an easy reach. 

Open source is all about creating communities and solving problems together. Altinity is proud to contribute by hosting the Open Source Analytics Conference 2022. Join us today!

Conference Page:
Conference Email:
Slack Channel: Invitation to Join


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