Business Opportunity and Open Source Analytics

15 November 2022

OSA CON 2022 – The Open Source Analytics Conference

The Open Source Analytics Conference is back!  We’ll continue to connect developers of advanced open source analytic projects with app developers. Our theme for 2022 is using open source analytics to find business opportunities quickly and cost-efficiently.  

Featured Speakers and Panelists:

Ed Huang

Co-Founder and CTO, PingCAP

Satbir Chahal

Principal (Founding) Engineer, OpsVerse

Liquan Pei

Senior Database Engineer, PingCAP

Michael Hausenblas

Solution Engineering Lead, Amazon Web Services

Javi Santana

Co-founder, Tinybird

Rachel Pedreschi

VP Of Technical Services, Ahana

Doris Lee

Cofounder & CEO, Ponder

Mary Grygleski

Streaming Developer Advocate, DataStax

Mark Needham

Developer Relations Engineer at StarTree, StarTree

Prafulla Gupta

Principal Architect, Times Internet

Roman Khavronenko

Co-Founder, VictoriaMetrics

Artyom Keydunov

CEO and Co-founder, Cube

Pete Hunt

Head of Engineering, Elementl, Inc.

Brian Leonard

Director of Connector Engineering, Airbyte

Alexandra Gronemeyer

Senior Data/Analytics Engineer, Airbyte

Neal Richardson

VP of Engineering, Voltron Data

Alex Merced

Developer Advocate, Dremio

Steven W Mih

Co-founder & CEO, Ahana

Alexey Milovidov

Co-founder and CTO, ClickHouse, Inc.

Vadim Tkachenko

CTO & Co-founder, Percona

Kanthi Subramanian

Open Source Developer / Developer Advocate, Altinity

Paul Boocock

Head of Engineering, Snowplow

Tim Spann

Developer Advocate, StreamNative

David Kjerrumgaard

Developer Advocate, StreamNative
& Author of “Pulsar in Action”

Sri Sakthivel M.D.

Clickhouse Database Admin, ChistaDATA Inc.

Olena Kutsenko

Developer Advocate, Aiven

Talks will show how to:

  • Navigate the changing landscape of open source, public clouds, and analytics
  • Apply emerging technologies like Kubernetes, HTAP, and Apache Arrow to applications
  • Develop creative, cost-efficient analytic applications to illuminate business opportunities
  • Deliver SaaS analytics for CDN management, real-time marketing, and other practical use cases
  • Leverage low latency data warehouses and event streams for fast response to market conditions
  • Scale analytic systems to billions of rows without complex pipelines
  • Offer imaginative low-code/no-code data exploration and visualization to users
  • Exploit advances like ARM processors and open data formats
  • And much more!

This is an industrial conference. Our goal is to encourage synergy between open source projects and analytic applications, and to provide the audience with practical ways to apply open source analytics in their businesses.

When and Where?

OSA Con 2022 – The Open Source Analytics Conference – is a free, single day online conference scheduled for Tuesday 15 November.  We’ll offer keynotes from industry leaders followed by talk tracks using ZoomEvents. Here is the current schedule.

  • 1 August – Public announcement and opening of call-for-papers (CFP)
  • 30 September – CFP closes
  • 15 October – Final schedule published
  • 15 November — Showtime!

Who Should Attend?

We invite anyone interested in open source and analytic applications to attend. Content is focused on developers.

How Can I Apply to Present?

Fill out the CFP form. We invite innovative, informative submissions related to open source analytic projects and applications that use them. No marketing pitches, please!

Talks can cover any of the topics mentioned above. Check out OSA Con 2021 talks for ideas. 

Proposals that highlight the conference theme of creating business opportunities from open source receive extra attention, but we’re very open-minded. So surprise us! We’ll consider any proposal related to open source and analytic apps. 

We will also invite distinguished speakers for keynotes on important trends in open source,  analytics, and data management in general. Keynotes are by invitation.

Will We Charge for Sponsorships or Attendance?

No and No. Altinity is sponsoring and running the conference. You become a sponsor by joining our marketing campaign to make the conference a well-attended success. Contact us at to join the fun.

Why is Altinity doing this?

We work with open source analytic users every day.  The pace of technical advancement is amazing. We believe a conference spanning the entire open source analytic community helps inspire even greater levels of innovation. Our inspiration comes from great events like Percona Online and the classic Ricon conferences sponsored by Basho Inc.

How can I find out more?

Send an email to for more information.

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Thank You to Our Community Partners

We could not have pulled this together without your help promoting and locating speakers.
This is a community of communities and we are so happy to be a part of it all. Here’s to you all!

OSA-CON 2022 Sponsors

Open source headless BI: Consume data from any data source, organize it into consistent metrics, and use it with every app.


RudderStack is the warehouse-first, customer data platform (CDP) built for developers. The company takes a new approach to building and operating customer data infrastructure, making it easy to collect, unify, transform, and store customer data as well as securely route it to a wide range of common, popular tools.


Percona is a leading provider of unbiased open source database solutions that allow orgs to easily, securely and affordably maintain business agility, minimize risks, and stay competitive.


PostHog is an open-source product analytics platform that offers a suite of tools, including funnels, heat maps, session recording and more, all in a single platform.


VictoriaMetrics is a fast and scalable open source time series database and monitoring solution, with the company behind it focusing on helping individuals and organizations address their big data challenges through state-of-the-art monitoring and observability solutions.


Aiven provides managed open source data technologies, like PostgreSQL, Apache Kafka and OpenSearch, on all major clouds. Aiven enables customers to drive business results from open source that trigger true transformations far beyond their own backyard.


Meltano enables everyone to realize the full potential of their data. We are building a modular, open source DataOps OS to be the foundation of every team’s ideal data stack. Meltano simplifies configuration, deployment and monitoring, unites best-in-class open source tools and technologies for the data lifecycle. It allows data teams to benefit from DevOps best practices such as version control, code review and CI/CD.


Airbyte is the modern open-source ELT standard that replicates data from the long tail of APIs, databases & files to data warehouses, lakes and other destinations. Airbyte Cloud disrupts the ELT market with its transparent volume-based pricing and open-source extensibility.


OpsVerse is the creator of OpsVerse ONE, an IDP that unifies DevOps tools, micro services catalog and documentation. The company also offers fully-managed, open source, best-of-breed DevOps tools that can run anywhere in minutes. With OpsVerse’s private SaaS framework, anyone can achieve enhanced data residency, governance, and audit controls without spending additional engineering resources.


Tinybird is a serverless analytical backend for developers. Build low-latency APIs in minutes with nothing but SQL.


Ponder is builds enterprise-ready tools for rapid, flexible experimentation with data at scale. Operate on data at any scale, while continuing to use the familiar Pandas API. Powered by open-source Modin and Lux.

Times Internet

Times Internet is an Indian internet technology company, based in Gurgaon, which owns, operates and invests in various internet-led products, services and technology. It is the digital arm of the Times Group, the largest media conglomerate in India.


Ahana, the Presto company, offers the only managed service for Presto on AWS with the vision to simplify open data lake analytics. Presto, the open source project created by Facebook and used at Uber, Twitter and thousands more, is the de facto standard for fast SQL processing on data lakes.


PingCAP is an enterprise-grade software service provider committed to delivering an open-source, cloud-native, one-stop database solution for growth-oriented clients to focus on their business priorities.


Dremio is the lakehouse company. Hundreds of organizations, including 3 of the Fortune 5, use Dremio to deliver mission-critical BI on the data lake. As the original creator of Apache Arrow, Dremio is on a mission to reinvent SQL for data lakes and meet customers where they are in their cloud journey. Dremio was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA.