Open Source Analytics Conference

2 November 2021

Open source is enabling a new wave of high-performance, analytical systems that explore data from digital businesses. At OSA Con 2021, we connect developers of advanced open source software and developers of the innovative analytic applications that use them. You’ll learn how your peers:

  • Implement SaaS analytics for CDN management, real-time marketing, and other new use cases
  • Leverage low latency data warehouses to drive real-time app response to evolving business conditions
  • Scale analytic systems to millions of events per second without complex pipelines
  • Offer imaginative low-code/no-code data visualization to users
  • Extend size of datasets available for exploratory queries using tiered storage and compression
  • Exploit improvements in features like query vectorization and JIT compilation from open source project roadmaps
  • And much more!

Our goal is to push further improvements by stimulating synergy between open source projects and analytic applications.

When and Where?

OSA Con 2021 is a free, single day online conference scheduled for Tuesday 2 November.  We’ll offer keynotes from industry leaders followed by multiple talk tracks on Zoom. Here is the current schedule. 

  • 30 August – Public announcement and opening of call-for-papers (CFP)
  • 30 September — Initial announcement of accepted talks
  • 15 October — Sessions schedule finalized
  • 2 November — Showtime!

Who Should Attend?

We invite anyone interested in open source and analytic applications to attend. Content is focused on developers but we will also have talks exploring topics analytic technology to business use cases. Sign up for updates here.

How Can I Apply to Present?

Fill out the CFP form. We invite submissions related to open source analytic projects and applications that use them. We’re particularly interested in talks on the following topics for technical audiences:

  • Using open source analytic technology to enable new business opportunities 
  • Analytic apps for specific use cases like network/CDN management, observability, financial services, security, etc.
  • SaaS analytics, including operation, privacy, and multi-tenancy issues
  • High performance data warehouses like ClickHouse, Druid, Presto/Trino, etc.
  • Data ingestion and integration of event streams like Kafka or Pulsar
  • Visualization from BI tools like Grafana and Superset to low-code/no-code offerings
  • Data warehouses and machine learning
  • Techniques to boost performance, lower cost, and increase scale
  • Surprise us!  We’ll consider any proposal that highlights open source and analytic apps

We will also invite distinguished speakers to present on important trends in open source and analytics.

Will We Charge for Sponsorships or Attendance?

No and No. Altinity is sponsoring and running the conference. That said, this is an open source effort. Contact us at to help. We’re especially interested in assistance on conference marketing and soliciting outstanding talks.

Why is Altinity Doing This?

We work with committers and users of ClickHouse every day. The pace of technical advancement is amazing. We believe a conference spanning the entire open source analytic community will help inspire even greater levels of innovation. Our inspiration comes from great events like Percona Online and the classic Ricon conferences sponsored by Basho Inc. 

How Can I Find Out More?

Send an email to for more information or sign up for updates below.