Meet the Open Source Analytics Community at OSA Con on Nov 2

OSA Con is coming up in 9 days and registrations are filling up quickly. Our goal was to bring together a diverse set of presentations from the entire open source analytic community, rather than focusing on single projects or applications. Thanks to some amazing speakers, we’ve succeeded! The schedule looks awesome. Here’s just a sample of talks you’ll hear. 

  • Andy Pavlo of CMU and OtterTune asks whether we still need elite engineers to write the hard parts of database systems. Or can we build optimizations automatically using machine learning? Discuss!
  • A panel of lead committers from ClickHouse, Druid, Pinot, and PrestoDB investigates the future of open source analytic databases. Are we really doing anything different from Snowflake? Audience questions are welcome!
  • Amy Chen and Katie Hindson explore how open source standards helped evolve DBT rapidly and enable integration with BI tools like Lightdash. 
  • Maxime Beauchemin, CEO of Preset, revisits the state of data engineering based on his work with Apache Superset and Airflow. 
  • Tanvi Pal explains how her team uses open source analytic software to build a platform to deliver insight into cancer at COTA Healthcare. 
  • Sudeep Kumar and Amber Vaidya of eBay show how ClickHouse and Kubernetes enable distributed tracing at scale across multiple geographic regions.
  • Peter Zaitsev, CEO of Percona, talks about how open source solutions are opening up new integrations between open source RDBMS like MySQL and low-latency analytic databases. 

There are so many great sessions that it’s hard even to decide which ones to highlight. Luckily you don’t have to. The conference is single-tracked, so there’s no need to make tough choices. Sign up today and attend these talks plus others on topics ranging from ingesting event streams to data lakes to visualization to GDPR.

I would like to thank our speakers as well as our awesome community partners who are helping to make OSA Con a success. Together you represent many tens of thousands of members. We’re proud to work with this enormous community of communities, sharing ways to build the next generation of analytic applications. 

See you on November 2nd!

p.s., If you have questions about OSA Con email us at


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