Announcing Altinity Documentation for Developers & Administrators

Altinity Documentation Site

Welcome to a new year and a new present from Altinity! Helping developers create valuable analytics on ClickHouse® is our number one priority. To this end we have published numerous blog posts, tutorials, webinars, videos, and other resources. Our content builds on the excellent community-developed reference documentation for ClickHouse.

Altinity Documentation Announcement

As Altinity published content has grown, it has become apparent we need to organize technical information in a way that is easier for our customers. Also, we need a place to document our own software offerings fully. We are therefore pleased to announce an official Altinity documentation site at to help all ClickHouse developers and administrators become more productive at creating and managing analytic applications.

The new site offers easily accessible information on two important Altinity offerings. The first is Altinity.Cloud, our rapidly growing managed ClickHouse offering. You’ll find a Quick Start Guide to help new users get up and running quickly.  More experienced Altinity.Cloud users can dig into details with the Altinity.Cloud Administrator Guide.

The second offering is Altinity Stable ClickHouse Releases, which are ClickHouse community builds that Altinity certifies and supports for enterprise deployments. Most of our customers depend on them. The documentation site brings together installation instructions as well as the contents of all Release Notes originally published on the Altinity Blog. 

Going forward we plan to add additional categories of content, including: 

  1. Developer Guides containing tutorials with code examples and detailed guidance on analytic apps in your favorite programming languages. We will also cover tips for integration with BI tools, Kafka, and other key services. This information is based on our experience advising customers in the design and development of hundreds of ClickHouse applications. 
  2. Operations Guides to detail best practices for production ClickHouse operation. This will include basic ClickHouse care and feeding as well as advanced topics like Zookeeper management, backup, and disaster recovery. It brings together in a single place information that we have gathered while answering thousands of support cases.

You might be wondering if somehow replaces ClickHouse community documentation. The answer is: not at all. The community docs are the standard reference for ClickHouse. The new Altinity site documents our software and teaches users how to develop and run analytic applications. 

In fact, we plan to step up contributions to the community docs, especially for features that our team has contributed like AES encryption. Yandex has done an amazing job of shepherding the reference documentation. We encourage the rest of the community to join us in working to make it even better. 

If there’s something you’ve wanted to learn about ClickHouse or an Altinity product, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  You can look forward to seeing more exciting updates and materials soon!