We track production readiness so you don’t have to.

ClickHouse is evolving quickly with thousands of pull requests and hundreds of tagged builds annually. When should you upgrade to a new build? What’s in it? How long will it be supported? Altinity has answers. ClickHouse Altinity Stable Releases are certified community builds that are safe for production use.

 Benefits of ClickHouse Altinity Stable Releases

Long Term Support

Altinity provides long-term support for stable releases including both 24×7 support as well bug fixes.* We maintain stable releases for two years by default. You can deploy with confidence knowing that Altinity has your back.

* SLAs for bug fixes depend on your level of enterprise support

Guaranteed Quality & Upgrade Readiness

We track build test results including large suites of tests developed at Altinity.  We also collect feedback from early users to ensure there are no unexpected problems in real deployments and to ensure a smooth upgrade path from earlier stable releases..

Key Bug Fixes

Altinity fields hundreds of support cases annually and carefully tracks fixes needed by customers. We track community fixes as well as our own fixes that we have delivered through hot patches.

New Features

Improvements to ClickHouse are likewise critical to users.  We track pull requests that implement features that customers have requested specifically, as well as improvements that raise performance, lower operational costs, and enable new types of analytics.


We document installation procedures for stable builds using RPM and Debian packages. For each Altinity ClickHouse Stable Release includes an overview of the release, a description of changes, and upgrade notes. Consult our Altinity Stable Builds page to find out what’s in the build before you upgrade.