Altinity.Cloud FAQ

Altinity.Cloud is an ideal platform for any user who wants to quickly try out and deploy applications in ClickHouse.

ClickHouse is open source and highly portable. Developers can create high performance analytic applications on a laptop and run them in the cloud, on Kubernetes, or in on-prem installations. To see the real power of ClickHouse, though, you need real data on a ClickHouse cluster that is big enough to see real performance results and able to draw on the full power of sharding and replication.

Altinity.Cloud has a number of properties that make it ideal for rapid development and deployment: 

  • It’s fast to get started. 
  • Users can quickly scale ClickHouse clusters up and down and assess different configurations of compute, memory, and storage. 
  • Altinity.Cloud runs in Amazon and GCP so it’s close to your applications and data. 
  • Altinity.Cloud integrates quickly with other cloud-based services ranging from data ingest to business intelligence tools. 
  • Altinity takes care of everything related to management.  You can focus on your application.

Any developer who wants to try out ClickHouse quickly and develop new analytic applications. Altinity.Cloud takes care of ClickHouse management, allowing developers to focus on getting applications to work.

Support! Altinity.Cloud includes built-in enterprise support. Our world-class support engineers can answer questions ranging from basic configuration questions to advanced query performance tuning. Our engineers are database experts with years of practice designing, deploying, and operating ClickHouse.  You can pose questions conveniently using email, our Zendesk portal, or a shared Slack channel.

Altinity.Cloud is available on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud.  It can run in any region, though it may take extra time to spin up environments in new regions.

Altinity.Cloud offers a free two-week trial.  After the trial ends costs are based on ClickHouse server size and the amount of storage allocated.  A development cluster with full enterprise support can cost as little as $500 US per month.

Sail over to the Altinity website and sign up for a test drive today!  We’ll have you up and on your way within 24 business hours with full support.

Altinity is trusted by enterprises and startups worldwide

Developers, ready to run open source ClickHouse better?

Capture the full power of ClickHouse with Altinity.Cloud, expert support, and Kubernetes deployments. Focus on your data, and not on managing ClickHouse.