Altinity ClickHouse® Knowledge Base


Today we are pleased to announce a new tool for ClickHouse users: the Altinity Knowledge Base, The address is easy to remember:

The ClickHouse Knowledge Base is maintained by Altinity engineers. We provide quick answers to common questions involving ClickHouse and Altinity.Cloud. Maybe your queries are running out of memory. You could read the excellent ClickHouse community docs, deduce the right system tables to look at, then figure out the right queries to run. It would maybe take you 45 minutes to figure out.

Or…you could jump to, type memory in the search box, and read “Who ate my memory.” It’s your choice.

What is great about the Altinity knowledge base

Beyond snappy titles invented by geeks, how is the Knowledge Base different from other great ClickHouse documentation? Here are a few differences. The Knowledge Base:

  • Has small, focused articles:
    • but can be improved quickly.
  • Is less formal:
    • focuses on practical things: lots of code snippets, practical advice, and examples.
    • lets us exercise engineering humor so reading is more interesting and engaging. (Writing is more fun, too.)
  • Documents the behavior of previous or unreleased versions rather than just ‘latest releases’.
    • We don’t try to make history better than it was and can explain things as they existed in previous versions.
  • Has less organization of the topic/chapters:
    • but a well-integrated search feature.
  • Is not comprehensive and won’t cover all possible topics right away:
    • but will grow rapidly, and extend the official ClickHouse documentation because it’s built from answers to the questions which ClickHouse users typically ask.

The information and code snippets hosted in the Knowledge Base are provided ‘as is’, without any kind of guarantees. You can use them as you wish in your applications, including commercial uses. We would appreciate if you attribute the site and Altinity for anything you reference publicly and also that you help us improve the content.

Speaking of improvements, we’re using Github to track problems on both the Knowledge Base as well as our product documentation at If you find something please log an issue on our Github documentation issues project.

We would like to end with a quick reminder of other pages you can bookmark to make you more productive with ClickHouse in general and Altinity offerings in particular. Contact us if you have further questions!