Announcing Analytics Track at Percona Live Online

We are delighted to announce that all talks in the Altinity-organized community analytics track are published on the Percona Live Online conference schedule. The talks will run on May 12th from 8 am to 4 pm EDT. 

Open source analytical databases are a rich field, and the community analytics track has a good mix of talks that cover ClickHouse, WarpSQL, DuckDB, Druid, and Trino. All of these projects are worth scrutiny by developers. 

We love databases in general at Altinity, not just ClickHouse. We’re therefore happy to welcome the following talks highlighting the other databases. 

There are plenty of ClickHouse talks as well. We’re delighted to welcome a diverse set of presentations from across the community.  

  • Projections in ClickHouse – Amos Bird is an active contributor to the ClickHouse project. He’ll be covering his recent work to add projections, an important performance feature introduced by Mike Stonebraker and colleagues in the famous C-Store VLDB paper
  • ClickHouse 2021: New Features and Roadmap – Alexey Milovidov is the original designer of ClickHouse at Yandex and serves as the lead committer.  He’ll be talking about new features like giving Zookeeper the heave-ho and adding window functions, plus much more. 
  • ClickHouse Developer Tutorial Part 1 and Part 2 — Robert Hodges and Alexander Zaitsev together have 5 decades of DBMS experience. We’ll be offering a tutorial including lab exercises for newbies who have not previously used an analytic database. You’ll be ready to roll in just 90 minutes!
  • A tale of two communities: How Open Source, ClickHouse, and Superset help visualize your data. Eugenia Moreno and Robert Hodges are working to improve integration between Superset and ClickHouse.  We’ll introduce visualization via Superset, talk about how the communities work together, and show you some really cool ways to display big data. 
  • Fun and Games: why we picked ClickHouse to drive gaming analytics at GiG. Stephen Borg and Matthew Formosa lead the data team at Gaming Innovation Group. They’ll be discussing how ClickHouse won out to provide real-time analysis of game data. 

Many thanks to all speakers. We’re looking forward to great talks from all of you. (No pressure!)

Finally, a word about our sponsors. I’ve been participating in Percona conferences for over a decade. As I do each year I would like to commend the team at Percona for putting in the effort to organize this conference. We encourage everyone to sign up *and* to check out the full schedule. There are more analytic talks in other tracks and lots of other interesting topics besides. It’s going to be another great conference!


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