Altinity Stable Release 23.3.19

As part of our release support plan, we are glad to announce two new releases of ClickHouse 23.3 built by Altinity: and

Both releases are built from the open-source fork of ClickHouse, by Altinity on Altinity’s infrastructure, with build recipes and test procedures as close to upstream as feasible.

Besides the standard array of tests, we also verify our releases against the open-source clickhouse-regression collection of tests; those cover some of the features/combination of features with more rigor.

This release is based on upstream’s v23.3.19.32-lts and includes several important bugfixes and improvements that are not part of upstream release.

The full changelog of what’s new between upstream’s v23.3.19.32-lts and v23.3.13.6-lts (the base of the previous Altinity Stable release of ClickHouse 23.3), as well as what changes were introduced by Altinity atop of v23.3.19.32-lts is available on our GitHub release page

You can also see the complete test report for the release.

This release is based on The most notable change is specially built version of BoringSSL in accordance with the NIST security policy for BoringSSL (BoringCrypto) ae223d6138807a13006342edfeef32e813246b39

Also it includes a special patch that allows you to configure Keeper in a FIPS-compatible way.

For the full changelog, see the corresponding release page on GitHub.

You can also see the complete test report for the release.

How to get

As always, you can get binaries from or docker images from dockerhub.

To register problems and ask questions, please log an issue on GitHub or contact us directly on Slack. Use the links at the top of the Altinity Web Page to join our public Slack workspace or set up an in-person meeting. Until then, enjoy the build!