Altinity Stable Build for ClickHouse® 23.8


Altinity is not affiliated with, associated with, or sponsored by ClickHouse, Inc. ClickHouse® is a registered trademark of ClickHouse, Inc.

It has been a while since we certified Altinity Stable Build for ClickHouse 23.3. Since then ClickHouse has advanced rapidly. More than 300 contributors from companies all around the world submitted 2200 pull requests with new features and improvements. We spent four months testing and gathering early adopter experience to gain confidence to recommend 23.8 for production use and make sure upgrades go smoothly. As of 23.8.8 we are confident in certifying 23.8 as an Altinity Stable Build. In fact, we have published the release right before the New Year, so it is already in active usage by our customers.

We collected detailed release notes for 23.8 Altinity Stable at Altinity Documentation Site. There are a lot of new features, but also many things that changed their behavior, so check them carefully before upgrading.

Changes in Altinity Stable Build Compared to Upstream Build

Altinity Stable Builds for ClickHouse are open source and are based on the upstream LTS versions. Altinity Stable 23.8.8 is based on upstream, but we have additionally back-ported several important fixes:

  • Fix key analysis (with set) for Merge engine #54905 via #341
  • Fix partition pruning of extra columns in set #55172 via #342
  • Fix FINAL produces invalid read ranges in a rare case #54934 via  #343
  • Fix incorrect free space accounting for least_used JBOD policy #56030 via  #344
  • Fix ALTER COLUMN with ALIAS #56493 via  #345 (backported into 23.8.9 upstream)
  • Disable system.kafka_consumers by default due to possible live memory leak #57822 via #346 (backported into 23.8.9 upstream)

Let’s Install!

Linux packages can be found at for upstream builds, and at for Altinity Stable builds.

Docker images for the upstream version should be referenced as clickhouse/clickhouse-server:

Altinity Stable build images are available as altinity/clickhouse-server:

For more information on installing ClickHouse from either the Altinity Builds or the upstream builds, see the ClickHouse Altinity Stable Release Build Install Guide.

Please contact us at if you experience any issues with the upgrade.

You don’t have to install today, since this build has a three year maintenance tail. We’ll support it through 27 Dec 2026.