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Altinity Introduces Altinity.Cloud and Secures $4M in Funding from Accel

With its first venture funding, Altinity will build the premier platform for implementing and managing ClickHouse open source technology

BERKELEY, October 1, 2020 | Altinity, the largest enterprise ClickHouse services provider, today launched its first cloud service, Altinity.CloudTM, which offers best-in-class operations, administration and maintenance to support application development with ClickHouse. To fund the development of this novel product, Accel has invested $4M in the company as leading companies across industries have turned to ClickHouse for analytics and data warehousing. 

Altinity.Cloud Private Beta
Altinity.Cloud now in Private Beta.

The swift rise of ClickHouse from its origins at Yandex has led to a shortage of the database administrators or developer operations teams needed to deploy and manage the cutting-edge technology. Altinity.Cloud offers immediate access to production-ready ClickHouse clusters with expert, enterprise support during every aspect of the application lifecycle. With guidance on application design and implementation, as well as ongoing help during production, Altinity.Cloud supports application development that is quicker, easier and more reliable. 

“ClickHouse is the most beloved database most people have never heard of. Brands like Cisco, Comcast, and Spotify, as well as Accel portfolio companies including Sentry and Segment, have all discussed the role that ClickHouse plays within their organizations,” said Daniel Levine, Partner, Accel. “With its unmatched expertise in ClickHouse, Altinity will lead the way in helping more developers benefit from this burgeoning technology. The bootstrapped company has had a profitable services business since 2017 and we’re excited to help them expand into cloud-hosted commercial open-source software (COSS) to scale their business.” 

Today, Altinity serves over fifty clients with its services business including Fortune 500 companies and some of the biggest names in consumer electronics, financial services, and enterprise networking, as well as fast-growing innovative startups. As ClickHouse popularity has increased exponentially over the past few years, Altinity doubled revenue each quarter last year to meet new demand. 

“ClickHouse has become an integral part of our tech stack, and Altinity is the only company that was able to provide us with the expertise and support we needed to get the most out of it,” said Ashwin Baskaran, Sr. Director, Engineering, VMware. “ Altinity has already helped us maximize the performance and scale of VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud. Their new offering, Altinity.Cloud, could give us great benefits as a managed offering that lets us focus on innovation for our SD-WAN customers while providing a reliable, multi-tenant, and horizontally scalable ClickHouse implementation for our SaaS offerings.”

“The goal of Altinity.Cloud is to let our customers focus on the business opportunities opened up by low latency access to data, like real-time monitoring and fast ad-hoc queries of digital marketing and financial data,” said Alexander Zaitsev, CTO, Altinity. “The COSS model, which represents the commercialization of open-source software, has been validated by companies like RedHat, Confluent, and Databricks. Now is the time to bring the same increased efficiency and ease-of-use to ClickHouse and Altinity will lead the way.”

Altinity.Cloud is sold as a subscription, with no commitment required. The offering includes a 30-day onboarding, plus ongoing enterprise support to help developers quickly tune applications for speed and insure against problems after deployment. Transparent bug fixes and zero-downtime scaling ensure efficient, long-term operation. Altinity.Cloud is in limited release on Amazon Web Services for qualified customers. To enroll, please send an email to or register on the Altinity website at

About Altinity

Altinity is the leading enterprise provider for ClickHouse – an open-source column-store analytic database. Altinity helps customers around the world take advantage of the cutting-edge technology for managing and analyzing extremely large volumes of data with ease and efficiency. Altinity works closely with the open source community including Yandex to promote ClickHouse worldwide. Altinity was founded in 2017 and is backed by Accel. Visit or follow us @AltinityDB. For more information, please contact

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