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Altinity Announces Production-Ready Kubernetes Operator for ClickHouse Data Warehouses

Altinity ClickHouse Operator for Kubernetes

LONDON, November 19, 2019 | Altinity is pleased to announce a production-ready version 0.7.0 of the innovative ClickHouse Kubernetes Operator.

The new operator release enables users to confidently use Kubernetes to run ClickHouse, a popular real-time data warehouse used by a worldwide open source community.

Altinity ClickHouse Operator for Kubernetes

Robert Hodges, Altinity CEO, commented, “Kubernetes operators are an outstanding paradigm for managing complex distributed applications like data warehouses. It’s like having a human operator watching your applications 24×7, except that the rules are programmed into Kubernetes itself.” The 0.7.0 ClickHouse Operator offers the following important features:

• Install multi-node ClickHouse clusters in as little as 60 seconds
• Configure pod, storage, and network access properties easily
• Scale clusters up and down as well as safely upgrade to new ClickHouse releases
• Send ClickHouse monitoring data to Prometheus for visual display in Grafana

Users have responded enthusiastically to ClickHouse Operator capabilities. Community users like MUX and Infovista have publicly praised the operator at recent ClickHouse meetups. The operator is also entering production use at a number of Altinity customers. Alexander Zaitsev, Altinity CTO, points out that the ClickHouse Operator is the linchpin to deliver a new paradigm for data warehouse operation. “The cloud-native model is turning data warehousing on its head. Unlike the centralized data warehouse clusters of past decades, we can now deploy a properly scaled data warehouse to every application that needs analytics. Kubernetes is enabling a revolution in how we think about analyzing data.”

The ClickHouse Operator is available from the Altinity GitHub repository as well as We at Altinity invite you to try it out and experience the future of data warehouses today.

About Altinity

Altinity is the leading software and service provider for ClickHouse, an Apache 2.0-licensed SQL data warehouse with industry-leading query speeds on petabyte-scale data. Altinity is a major contributor to ClickHouse Server and ecosystem projects. We offer the highest expertise on the market to help customers deploy and run demanding analytic applications. We also provide innovative software to manage ClickHouse in Kubernetes, cloud, and bare metal environments.