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A Warm Welcome to Robert Hodges, Altnity’s New CEO

Altinity CEO Robert Hodges

LONDON, January 16, 2019 | Altinity, the leading service provider for ClickHouse® open source data warehouse system, is delighted to announce that after a long search, the Board of Directors has appointed Robert Hodges as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) effective 1 January 2019. Our previous CEO, Mindaugas Zukas, will take over as Altinity’s Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Robert Hodges, CEO, Altinity

Robert Hodges is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and has extensive experience with database systems and enterprise software. His background includes a stint at Sybase in the 1990s, development of SaaS products using Oracle and SQL Server, and over ten years working on replication and clustering at Continuent, Inc. Robert became CEO of Continuent and led the successful sale of the company to VMware in 2014. He worked on hybrid cloud products at VMware, disaster recovery, and open source tools before joining Altinity in 2019.

Robert notes an excellent opportunity to grow Altinity into a powerhouse for analytic software based on the open source ClickHouse project. “The ClickHouse data warehouse is exactly the sort of innovation that businesses need to derive actionable insights from massive data collections. Scaling to petabyte-sized datasets and sub-second response on commodity hardware are winning features that early adopters have validated in numerous production deployments. Altinity has a great team working on bringing this new wave of analytic software to the marketplace. I am delighted at the opportunity to help users surf it successfully.”

As CEO of Altinity, Robert will play a crucial role as General Manager and Evangelist. He will work closely with the Altinity team to implement Altinity’s vision of enabling customers to build better, more data-driven businesses. The Altinity team is very excited to get him started!

About Altinity

Altinity is the leading service provider for ClickHouse – an open-source column-store Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) analytic DBMS – the cutting-edge technology for managing and analyzing vast volumes of data.

For any industry focus or any use case, Altinity provides different support plans to make ClickHouse operations easy and flawless. Having full access to highly skilled ClickHouse experts will help you become more efficient with ClickHouse technology, better adapt to a changing environment, and get a competitive edge in building world-class solutions. Altinity helps companies around the world to manage and analyze big data more efficiently.