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Altinity CEO Statement to Customers Regarding Effects of Ukraine War

BERKELEY, CA, March 8, 2022 | It is now almost two weeks since the Russian government launched a brutal invasion of Ukraine, triggering a humanitarian catastrophe and risks to businesses across the globe. Our first concern has been to care for our employees, relatives, and partners directly affected by the warfare. Our second is to ensure that we continue to serve customers. 

We have received a number of questions concerning possible effects on Altinity services and support. I would like to address them here. 

Are Altinity services and support to customers at risk?  
No. Altinity is a worldwide company with staff in 14 different countries. Our operational team is spread over the US, Canada, Brazil, Portugal, Netherlands, Poland, and Russia. There is no single point of failure for any position.

Does Altinity have staff in Ukraine or Russia? 
Yes, both. We are working to move them to safe locations as quickly as possible. 

Is Altinity or any of its suppliers subject to sanctions? 
No. Altinity is a US corporation. Our development systems are located in the US and Germany. Altinity.Cloud and our technical support team rely on Google, Zendesk, Slack, AWS, ZeroSSL, etc., which are located in the US or EU. We do not have legal entities or suppliers in Russia.

How does Altinity ensure compliance with present and future sanctions? 
We have a standard procedure to check entities and persons in nations that may be subject to US sanctions. We rerun sanction checks whenever relevant changes appear.

Should I be worried about Altinity as a supplier? 
No. Altinity is in great financial condition with a rapidly growing business. 2021 was our best year ever with 78% growth in bookings.

Should I be worried about ClickHouse being Russian software? 
No. ClickHouse is an international open source project with hundreds of contributors located across the globe. The main committers for ClickHouse recently relocated to the Netherlands and work for, a US company. Altinity also has independent builds and can fix problems as they arise. Our own developers are distributed over multiple countries.

How is Altinity handling this situation going forward? 
We are watching carefully for problems accessing vital services like Github, security incidents, or other new developments. We are collaborating with other companies to protect staff and move them to safe locations. We will let you know promptly if we see new developments that affect you.

How can I get more information?
Please file a Zendesk ticket, ping us on Slack, or email  We will be happy to answer questions.

Altinity is blessed with a great team and great customers. We stand by all of you, regardless of nationality. Let us all hope and pray for a speedy restoration of peace and freedom in Ukraine.

Robert Hodges
Altinity CEO