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Altinity Welcomes Anurag Gupta and Mike Olson as Advisors

Altinity Welcomes Anurag Gupta and Mike Olson as Advisors

~ Altinity is the largest enterprise ClickHouse® services provider. Altinity recently launched its first cloud service, Altinity.Cloud® and now aims to become a market leader in the Commercial Open Source Software (COSS) Space. 

~ Altinity raised its first venture funding of $4M from Accel’s Daniel Levine. The company successfully expanded into a cloud platform. Its revenue doubled each quarter last year and continues to proliferate. 

~ Altinity appoints Anurag Gupta and Mike Olson as its Advisors and looks forward to creating a world-class contender in the database industry with the help of their expertise and skills. 

BERKELEY, CA, February 16, 2021 | Altinity, the enterprise guide to ClickHouse, takes pleasure in welcoming the distinguished IT industry leaders Anurag Gupta and Mike Olson as advisors. Their experience and insights are helping us to build a world-class competitor in the database industry. 

Anurag Gupta is well-known for his work at Amazon Web Services, where he was responsible for developing groundbreaking data services like Amazon Redshift, Amazon EMR, and Amazon Aurora. Before AWS, Anurag was the founder and initial CEO of Interlace Systems, acquired by Oracle. Anurag is currently a founder and CEO of Shoreline Software, a startup that focuses on managing large-scale software services.

Mike Olson has a long career in the data management industry. He was most recently the founder of Cloudera, where he served as CEO, then CSO, for ten years. Cloudera brought big data to the enterprise with the open-source Hadoop ecosystem. The company went public in 2017. Mike was previously the CEO of Sleepycat, maker of Berkeley DB, acquired by Oracle in 2006. He holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from UC Berkeley, where he worked on the open-source Postgres database. He subsequently held positions at database pioneers Britton Lee, Illustra, and Informix. 

As Robert Hodges, CEO of Altinity, noted, “working with two giants of the industry is a pleasure and an honor. Mike and Anurag have built multiple successful products that reached massive audiences. They have business and technical experience working with large enterprise customers in cloud computing, data management, and open-source software. Their expertise is a substantial aid as we bring ClickHouse into the enterprise market.”

“I’m excited to be working with Altinity,” said Mike Olson. “High-performance data warehousing is critical for large enterprises. It’s clear that cloud delivery of open source technology is a big opportunity for innovation. ClickHouse has been remarkably successful already. The Altinity team is doing great work in securing and simplifying the technology, accelerating commercial adoption.” 

Anurag Gupta remarked, “one of the great satisfactions of working at AWS was showing that there is still room for significant innovation in the database industry. Altinity has a similar opportunity with ClickHouse to give developers broad access to analytics that run in public and private clouds.”


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Altinity was founded in 2017 and has been lucrative since its inception. At Altinity, we focus on empowering any developer to add real-time analytics to any application regardless of where it runs, how much data it needs to answer questions, or how quickly the data arrives. We strive to unleash a wave of innovation at the level of individual analytic apps that will open new economic opportunities for our customers and benefit users worldwide.

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