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Real-time analytics provider Altinity and Percona announce joint open-source data platform solutions!

BERKELEY, CA, October 13th, 2022 — Altinity, the real-time data company, today announced that it has partnered with Percona, a leader in open source database software, support, and services, to apply the power of open source transactional databases and ClickHouse to customer business problems.  

Altinity supports customers with a platform for real-time data on ClickHouse, an open source data warehouse, making it possible for companies to carry out fast, cost-efficient analysis of large volumes of data. This complements Percona’s experience around the world’s most popular open source databases, MySQL and PostgreSQL, as well as MongoDB.

Altinity and Percona are offering complementary skills and services to organizations that want to expand their applications’ capabilities around data while using the best open source platforms available. This includes helping their customers use these open source database and data warehouse platforms in new environments like Kubernetes, where developers can automate management fully. Customers are already benefiting from both companies’ expertise, such as financial services organizations that need to provide analysts with real-time data out of their MySQL databases – fast.

“Altinity enables any developer to add real-time analytics to any application with ClickHouse. I am delighted that Altinity and Percona are working together more closely. We’re excited to help customers with easy-to-use solutions to their data problems that combine the strength of transaction processing databases like MySQL with the outstanding analytic performance of ClickHouse,” said Robert Hodges, CEO at Altinity.

“Percona is excited to announce the partnership with Altinity, a leading provider of services and software for ClickHouse. This opens for us an opportunity to provide a cost effective real-time analytical solution for customers using Percona Distributions for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB by integrating online transactional processing with analytical workloads,” Said Vadim Tkachenko, CTO/Co-founder at Percona

At Percona, we want to work with the leading lights of the open source world, and we saw that our approach was very similar to how the Altinity team approaches issues with their customers. Together, we can design, support, manage and run modern data infrastructure that combines best-of-breed OLAP and OLTP database technologies in the most efficient and simple way. For customers, combining ClickHouse with PostgreSQL, MySQL, or MongoDB helps their developer teams to be more productive when it comes to data,” commented Peter Zaitsev, CEO at Percona.  


About Altinity

Altinity was founded in 2017 by leading experts in open source databases with the aim of making enterprises around the globe successful with ClickHouse. Altinity delivers innovative software and services that empower developers to add real-time analytics to any application regardless of where it runs, how much data it needs to answer questions, or how quickly the data arrives. Our flagship product Altinity.Cloud is the first product worldwide that brought managed ClickHouse to the Amazon and Google Clouds. Altinity is headquartered in Berkeley, CA and has a globally distributed team of ClickHouse experts.

About Percona

Percona is widely recognized as a world-class open source database software, support, and services company. The organization is dedicated to helping businesses make databases and applications run better through a unique combination of expertise and open source software. Percona works with numerous global brands across many industries creating a unified experience to monitor, manage, secure, and optimise database environments on any infrastructure.

Percona equips organisations with the freedom to choose, the freedom to create, and the freedom to make a difference – helping them scale and innovate with speed as they grow. For more information, visit

Databases run better with Percona. 

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