Supercharging Observability at OpsVerse using ClickHouse Real-Time Analytics | Joint-Webinar with OpsVerse and Altinity

Recorded: March 28 @ 9:00 am PT
Presenters: Arul Jegadish (Co-Founder @OpsVerse) and Robert Hodges (CEO @Altinity).

Observability is the ability to infer the state of applications by observing their outputs. This joint-webinar with Altinity and OpsVerse will show how OpsVerse is changing the observability game with real-time analytics on ClickHouse and software from Altinity.

The first part will explain the observability use case and how OpsVerse seeks to solve it. Next, we’ll introduce ClickHouse and demonstrate the features and cloud-native operation that make it dominant in real-time analytics. Finally, we’ll show how OpsVerse implements highly responsive observability tools using ClickHouse, Kubernetes, and the Altinity Operator for ClickHouse. This talk is a two-fer: learn about how OpsVerse helps with observability and get inspiration to apply ClickHouse real-time analytics to your applications.

Here are the slides:


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