Data Hurdles Podcast – The Fast and the Furious: Altinity CEO Robert Hodges’ ClickHouse Joyride

Recorded: September 23
By: Michael Burke – Data Hurdles Podcast & Venture Partner, Boston Venture Studio

Michael Burke and Robert joined forces and created another awesome episode for the Data Hurdles Podcast.

Buckle up for a high-octane conversation on tearing up the data highways with ClickHouse. Altinity CEO Robert Hodges takes the wheel to navigate building fast analytics engines that would smoke any legacy database in a street race. Learn how their souped-up columnar database design wrings out blistering acceleration measured in milliseconds. If you crave speed, this adrenaline-filled test drive will leave you breathless. The pedal will be flat to the floor as Hodges pushes ClickHouse to the limits revealing the secrets of lightning-fast time to insight. Your analytics have never moved this fast—it’s ClickHouse or bust!

The key points are:

  • High-energy discussion on using ClickHouse for fast analytics
  • Led by Altinity CEO Robert Hodges
  • Explanation of ClickHouse’s technical advantages that enable real-time speed
  • Emphasis on acceleration measured in milliseconds
  • High-adrenaline angle focusing on terms like “tear up the data highways”

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