OSA Con 2021 Content is Online. See You in 2022!


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It’s a wrap

OSA Con 2021, our first conference dedicated to open source analytics, is a wrap. We had a great conference with 22 talks by 31 presenters. I’m delighted that we could bring together so many different projects and applications under a single roof. The videos are available for long-term viewing on the Altinity website (includes slide links) as well as our YouTube channel.

Everyone understands that open source communities efficiently disseminate software. What is perhaps less obvious is that open source communities do the same for ideas. Our goal at OSA Con was to foster collaboration across open source analytic projects and share innovations. 

We saw the sharing happen in real-time last week.  It could be Andy Pavlo talking about building indexes using machine learning. It could be Tim Meehan (Facebook) and Gian Merlino (Imply) discussing how Presto and Druid push their query capabilities and batch processing into Spark, in effect turning the database inside out. Or it could be James Greenhill and Eric Duong describing tricks to build efficient app analytics on ClickHouse®. 

Within just 22 talks the diversity of ideas was amazing, with many takeaways. We’re huge ClickHouse fans at Altinity, but OSA Con taught us new ways to make ClickHouse better. That includes learning from innovations inside other databases, such as storage management in Druid and Pinot. It also includes learning about reverse-ETL tools like Grouparoo that pull data out of data warehouses and deliver them to applications. We’ll be acting on these ideas and others in the months to come. I hope others found similar insights. 

Thank You and Shout Out

OSA Con would not have been possible without the help of many people. We would like to thank our 31 presenters for their excellent talks, our great community partners who helped find speakers and market the conference, and of course our attendees.  I would also like to thank the Altinity marketing team who organized and ran OSA Con in just 2.5 months. We decided to do the conference in mid-August and held it on November 2nd. Anyone who has organized a conference can appreciate how much of a scramble that is. Great job!

OSA Con 2021 was just the beginning. Our goal is to make OSA Con an institution that promotes and accelerates open source analytics. We are now making plans for OSA Con 2022 next year. Watch for more information coming early next Spring