OSA Con 2023: Bigger, Better, and Accepting Talk Proposals

Hello open source fans! OSA Con 2023 will run from 12 to 14 December this year and the call for papers is now open. It’s the can’t miss event of 2023 for open source analytic software. The CfP closes on 12 October so you have just a few weeks to get your talks in. As in previous years the full conference is virtual and completely free. There’s no pre-holiday travel required. 

We are very excited about this year’s conference for a number of reasons. Let me share just three of them. 

First, we’re collaborating in 2023 with Max Beauchemin and the Preset team to run the conference. With their help we have already been able to line up a bunch of great speakers you’ll hear about shortly. We’re working to make this year’s conference an even better place to explore the latest analytic tech and share ground-breaking ideas.  

Second, we’re extending the conference to three half-days, which we hope to combine with in-person evening get-togethers in the Bay Area and other locations. We want to widen the scope to allow as many analytics projects as possible to report in with current features and future roadmaps. And we’re adding an AI track! All in all, OSA Con is going to be the best networking opportunity of the year for open source analytics. As usual, it’s completely vendor neutral and focused on developers. 

Third, have you been following the Terraform relicensing drama? What about the rise of LLMs? We’ll be wading into these and other important topics that have major impacts on your favorite analytic projects. We live in interesting times, so let’s dig in and explore them fully. 

There is a lot more information to share about the conference, so stay tuned for more articles. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to submit up to two bomber talk proposals for OSA Con 2023. We can’t wait to hear your ideas. Submit now!

P.s., Any more questions? Want to sponsor? Email us at conference@altinity.com or join our #osa-con Slack channel. Operators are standing by! 


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