Harden Your ClickHouse Security With Altinity’s Step-by-Step Guide

ClickHouse is fast; it’s stable; it includes security-enhancing features that keep your data and your clients’ information safe and secure.

The new ClickHouse Hardening Guide walks users through reducing your ClickHouse database’s exposure and keeping unwanted visitors out. The guide details the following:

  • User Hardening: How to ensure encrypted passwords for default users and limit user access to specific networks and information.
  • Network Hardening: Ensure that your information is protected while it moves across local networks and the Internet. Keep your communications encrypted and control who can connect and from where to your ClickHouse clusters.
  • Storage Hardening: ClickHouse data still lives on hard drives. Ensure it’s protected from exposure with volume level down to column level encryption.

We created ClickHouse Hardening Guide to help you protect your ClickHouse environment, whether it’s on a stand-alone server, part of a Kubernetes cluster, or in a cloud service like Altinity.Cloud.

The guide includes configuration details and instructions that you can start using in your ClickHouse database clusters today. Keep your ClickHouse safe and secure with the ClickHouse Hardening Guide and put its lessons into practice to keep your data safe.


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