Altinity Cumulative Release Notes for April through June 2022


Summer is halfway over, but we’re still busy coding new updates! For the months of May and June, we had some improvements and bug fixes for the Altinity Backup for ClickHouse® and the Altinity Kubernetes operator. To check out all of the Altinity products and their updates, see the Altinity Documentation Site Release Notes page.

All of our products are open source and can be accessed via our GitHub account at .

Altinity Backup for ClickHouse

Provides support to backup and restore ClickHouse data from local and cloud storage, including AWS, Azure, Google, and other cloud providers.  For more details, see the Altinity Backup Github Repository.

Most recent updates:

Altinity Kubernetes Operator

Allows users to create and manage ClickHouse clusters in Kubernetes.  This tool is essential for any organizations seeking to run a ClickHouse cluster whether in a local or cloud based Kubernetes environment.  For more details, see the Altinity Kubernetes Operator GitHub repository or the Altinity ClickHouse on Kubernetes guides.

Most recent updates:

Altinity Dashboard for Kubernetes