ClickHouse Meetup at Cloudflare. Recap


Feb 20, 2019
The ClickHouse Meetup at Cloudflare went great! It was a pleasure to see old friends and to meet new people enthusiastic about ClickHouse. Robert Hodges gave an intro talk about the ClickHouse execution model and how it contributes to rapid query responses. Alex Hofsteede walked through how uses ClickHouse and the steps they went through to migrate applications seamlessly onto ClickHouse from other solutions.

The Altinity team would like to thank Cloudflare for kindly hosting our event, the amazing speakers for their presentations, and all attendees for joining us and making this event happen. We especially appreciated the give and take questions from the crowd.

For those who could not join us this time, we are planning to continue a tradition of ClickHouse meetups and hope to see you soon at the future events. If you have interesting ClickHouse background and would like to share your experience, please contact us. We look forward to more great talks at our next Meetup!

Presentations from the Meetup

If you have any comments or would like to ask Alex questions, you can do it here:

and some pictures 🙂



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