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27 Nov, 2019

Altinity is glad to announce the certification of ClickHouse release as Altinity Stable. This is a minor upgrade over the previous 19.11.8 release, but we recommend users install it before moving to more recent releases due to a few important fixes and changes.

The most notable fixes are:

  • Fixed security vulnerability in url() function
  • Fixed security vulnerability related to Zookeeper
  • Fixed vulnerabilities in compression codecs
  • Fixed corner case overflows in DoubleDelta codec

New features include:

  • ‘CREATE TABLE AS TABLE FUNCTION’ statement that allows to create tables from external data automatically, e.g. from mysql table
  • COLUMN(‘regexp’) macro function as a generalization of ‘SELECT *’ queries


  • ANY INNER|RIGHT|FULL JOIN is deprecated! While we like how it worked before, there are plans to change the behaviour completely. We are still discussing with the development team how we can preserve the old behaviour. For now, in order to preserve the old behavior and safely upgrade to newer versions in the future one needs to enable ‘any_join_distinct_right_table_keys’ setting!

  • The setting ‘input_format_defaults_for_omitted_fields’ is on by default. It enables calculation of complex default expressions for omitted fields in JSONEachRow and CSV* formats. Inserts to Distributed tables need this setting to be the same across the cluster. You need to set ‘input_format_defaults_for_omitted_fields’ across the cluster before the upgrade if rolling upgrade is performed.

In order to provide our clients with easier access to Altinity Stable releases, we created a separate repository for those versions: We have put Altinity RPMs in there and are going to add deb packages for stable releases soon. The Yandex repo can be used as well. Remember that you can also find Altinity release descriptions in our blog using the ‘Releases’ tag

Please contact us at if you experience any issues with the upgrade. We are currently working on certifying 19.15.x release, which has a lot of new features including multi-volume storage support.



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