ClickHouse October Community Events

Oct 24, 2019

October has been a busy month for the ClickHouse community and Altinity. We sponsored and presented at three community events in the first 9 days of October. Here’s a quick rundown of each one with links to interesting presentations.

Percona Live Amsterdam 2019 – 1 and 2 October

Percona put on a great conference in the Schiphol Airport Hilton.  As usual, there was a wide range of talks on open source databases including the following ClickHouse talks.

 Altinity had a sponsor booth, which received abundant traffic during the conference. Unlike previous conferences where we had to introduce ClickHouse to attendees, many visitors (at least a third) were already using ClickHouse and stopped by to dig into specific problems. The increase in popularity was palpable compared to previous conferences.

Paris ClickHouse Meetup — 3 October

The day after the Percona Live conference we took a Thalys express train from Amsterdam to Paris, arriving at Gare du Nord by lunchtime on Thursday.  ContentSquare put together a great ClickHouse meetup that evening with about 75 participants at a shared workspace in 78 Rue Compans, Paris. There’s even a video of the presentations, which included a range of ClickHouse topics by local users as well as visitors.

We would like to extend a “merci beaucoup” to Christophe Kalenzaga and Vianney Foucault of ContentSquare as well as all presenters for a great meetup that included pizza, beer, and a lot of enthusiastic ClickHouse users. It was great to meet people like Thierry Hanot in person as well as many other French community members we have met over conference calls and in user forums in the last year.  We are eagerly looking forward to a return visit.

San Francisco ClickHouse Meetup — 9 October

Our third event was the October meeting of the San Francisco ClickHouse Meetup at Segment.  Alan Braithwaite and the Segment team provided a great venue complete with pizza and drinks.  We had about 35 guests who heard the following talks:

  • A Modern Database on a Modern Orchestration Platform  — Alan Braithwaite of Segment. Alan walked through the journey to adopting ClickHouse and how it’s currently used to guide processing of marketing data.

  • ClickHouse Performance Tricks — Robert Hodges of Altinity.  A walkthrough of some of the many ways to improve ClickHouse query response from adding CPUs to skip indexes to materialized views.

The audience was enthusiastic and asked a lot of great questions. There were a number of participants from companies like and Cisco who already use ClickHouse in production and could share experiences.  In the past year alone we have seen meetup discussions shifting from “what is ClickHouse” to a focus on running large production systems.

We would like to express special thanks to Segment for providing such a great location.  It’s a pleasure to report that by the end of the meeting we already had an offer from Cisco to host the December ClickHouse meetup. We even have the first talk booked from CloudFlare. Thanks to everyone who attended in October and see you at the December meetup!


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