Altinity.Cloud® Anywhere

The 100% open platform for managed ClickHouse clusters

  • Own the Data
  • Own the Security
  • Own the Operating Environment

Bring Your Kubernetes, We’ll Bring the Management

All the Power of Altinity.Cloud Running In Your Kubernetes

Altinity.Cloud Anywhere is a zero-maintenance SaaS for ClickHouse that gives you full control of your data and freedom to meet your business needs. 

Get Started With a Fully Managed SaaS Model for ClickHouse

Altinity.Cloud Anywhere works in any Kubernetes cluster, building on top of our flagship product, Altinity.Cloud, and all of its great and proven features, adding new levels of choice and flexibility.

Altinity.Cloud Anywhere allows you to :

  • run your analytics applications anywhere you like
  • whether it’s in your own cloud or public clouds
  • while always having full ownership of your data

No need to choose! Experience a fully managed SaaS model for ClickHouse while you own the data as well as the environment.

Key Features

Altinity.Cloud Anywhere builds on top of all the great features in Altinity.Cloud as well as these Anywhere specific ones: 

You Control the Data

You Control Kubernetes Security

Runs in Any Customer Kubernetes Environment

You Own the Operating Environment

You Grant Access to Altinity as Needed

Easy Migration Paths

Including all the proven
Altinity.Cloud features:

  • Altinity.Cloud Management Plane
  • Automated, Secure Load Balancing
  • Security
  • Proactive Alerting
  • Best-in-class ClickHouse Support
  • Altinity.Cloud Launch Cluster Wizard
  • Automatic Storage & Connection Encryption
  • Monitoring
  • Backups
  • Resource Management

How It Works

Look at your software supply chain:
Is having everything in the cloud on SaaS offerings you can’t control the most reliable and flexible choice? 

Altinity.Cloud Anywhere provisions new ClickHouse clusters running in your own Kubernetes, lets you manage them for as long as you need – and lets you move on again if you so wish. 

What You’ll Need to Look After:

  • Kubernetes Administration
  • Cloud Account
  • Security Policies
  • All Related Cloud Administration

And Here’s What You Get:

  • Ownership of the Data
  • Control of the Code
  • “No-migration” Path
  • Control of All Security Aspects

To use Altinity.Cloud Anywhere, users register a secure management channel that delivers cloud management commands to Kubernetes.

Software such as ClickHouse itself and components like Zookeeper and Prometheus are delivered as containers.

The runtime software is 100% open source.

Users can disconnect their clusters from Altinity.Cloud at any time:

  • There is no data migration.
  • Applications will continue to run normally without the need for licenses or other forms of lock-in.

Interested? Here’s How to Get Started

If you’re a developer or just someone who needs to work with ClickHouse quickly and develop new analytic applications that can run anywhere, this will be the solution for you!

Not Quite Ready Yet But Need ClickHouse Support? Let’s Talk!

We have helped hundreds of customers worldwide design and deploy creative applications.

  • Want to tune schema and queries for sub-second response? 
  • Having a production problem with Kafka or ZooKeeper? 
  • Hitting a bug in ClickHouse? 
  • Want to scale your ClickHouse cluster beyond 1 or 2 nodes?

Altinity provides support and services to translate advanced ClickHouse technology to working, powerful analytic applications. 

From upfront education to 24/7 support, we have everything you need to be successful with ClickHouse, wherever and however you decide to run it. Contact us today and let’s talk!