ETL vs ELT Cage Fight: Combining RudderStack and ClickHouse to Build Real-Time Data Pipelines – Altinity/RudderStack Joint-Webinar

Recorded: April 20 @ 10:00 am PT
Presenters: Eric Dodds – Head of Product Marketing @RudderStack and Robert Hodges – CEO @ Altinity

How to transform data during data warehouse loading is a hot topic: Transform during loading (ELT) or in the database (ETL)? The correct answer is “yes.”
Our webinar shows how to combine RudderStack and ClickHouse to build data pipelines that transform data cleanly and efficiently.
We’ll start by defining standard transformations, then demonstrate how to implement them in RudderStack, ClickHouse, or both. The result is data pipelines that are simple, fast, and easy to maintain.
Join us to learn the tricks of real-time data loading from our experts!

Here are the slides: