Real-time gets real: the shift to fresh analytics data

Recorded: May 11 @ 10:00 am PT
Presenters: Jorge Sancha & Robert Hodges

We used to think batch processing saved us money and that real-time data was too difficult and expensive to build and maintain. In recent years, powerful databases like ClickHouse have made real-time analytics affordable and accessible to everyone. Watch Tinybird CEO Jorge Sancha and Altinity CEO Robert Hodges discuss the real-time data shift.

In this live stream, we’ll discuss the following with two CEOs at the forefront of the real-time revolution:

  • What is real-time data, and why has it historically been so hard?
  • What recent technological developments have made real-time affordable and accessible for all?
  • What is ClickHouse, and why do Tinybird and Altinity love it so much?
  • Tinybird and Altinity’s respective visions for real-time data.

Here are the slides: